Timeline of UN-NGO Related Governing Body Compounding Sins Since 1990

Timeline of UN-NGO/NWO GB Sins Leading to JW Temple Judgment (The Real One, not the Fake GB Hoax “Cleansing”)

First off I am Jehovah’s witness, telling JWs that a JW house/temple judgment (1Pet4:17) of unbelievable proportions will virtually wipe the JW org off the face of the earth soon; (Dan8:11-14), and that is from globalist powers allowed by Jehovah, He who is not happy with Jehovah’s Witnesses United Nations (United Nations Non-Governmental Organization (UN NGO)) sins and idol worship in his house of the xGB;

I am not encouraging JWs to leave the organization, or the ministry or the vow that we WILL be held to by Deities who expect obedience to the death, regardless if the Pharisees (xGB) are in the JW org, as was the case in Christ’s day; Christ stuck to the mission; (Zech5)

But I tell JWs the whole prophetic cycle of 1914-1922 will repeat in final fulfillment mode activating soon, in the temple completion cycle, just as it fulfilled in the minor temple foundation cycle (1914-1926), and all real JWs will be expected to resume duties in an approved and cleansed state after this current JW infiltration is eradicated by God in temple cleansing (Dan8:11-14; Isa66:6) and priesthood cleansing (Zech3) for the final world warning campaign of the Sovereign Ultimatum (little scroll) of Jehovah God and Christ in the near future second “two witnesses” worldwide final ministry from God; (Rev10-11)

Firstly the xGB Apostasy is Prophetic – It MUST Fulfill FIRST

This scripture below indicates a planned infiltration of the JW org by globalists, developing apostate JWs, (and others; v. 32; still operable in the “:temple of the God”) is currently active to profane and subvert Jehovah’s witnesses by spiritual warfare prior to the big 1991 Governing Body ( GB) sanctioned UN-NGO/NWO PR manifestation:

(Daniel 11:30-32) “And he (globalist KingNorth; (gKN)) will actually go back and hurl denunciations against the holy covenant and act effectively (in the JW org, etc); and (gKN) will have to go back and will give consideration to those (JWs) leaving the holy covenant (in the WTBTS).

31a And there will be (infiltrative) arms that will stand up (in spiritual warfare; Eph6:12), proceeding from (gKN); and they (gKN and JW traitors) will actually profane the (JW) sanctuary (by UN/NGO services), the fortress (JW Org), and remove the constant feature. (Pollute JW sacrifices from then on; To coming desolation as per Dan8:11-14;) 

31b “And they (gKN and JW traitors) will certainly put in place (In world and WTBTS) the disgusting thing (UN in NWO mode) that is causing desolation. (And that parallels the “transgression causing desolation” of Dan8:11-14 in 1991 in the WTBTS xGB sanctioned adulteries)

32 “And those who are acting wickedly against the covenant (more WT traitors), (gKN) will lead into apostasy by means of smooth words. (So, the infiltration continues, expands, and is present in the JW org today;)

Secondly it is Organized

Please note that the xGB agents move in a slight delay along with, and after a major globalist leading world event as UN and globalist “New World Order” ( NWO) supporters; (As UN NGO); (1991 UN- NWO, 2001 UN)

The end of the engineered Cold War NWO placement (9/11/1990) was such an event that produced a delayed complimentary move by the WTBTS xGB in 1991 (Awake! 9/8/1991), as they promoted the UN/NWO with George Bush for a solid 10 years of global promotions through Watchtower and Awake! distribution and NWO hand signals at conventions, hidden graphics, changed logos, etc;

And it Suppresses the Truth

They also covered up the fact that prophecy of Daniel 11:30-32 had indeed fulfilled in the UN 3.0 NWO stance of 9/11/1990 proclaimed by GB (George Bush) and xGB (Governing Body) working hand in hand for globalist scarlet wildbeast interests;

That is where it all began to fully manifest 20 years ago;

Timeline – Compounding Gross Sin Napalm Gangrene xGB Timebomb Went Off 1991

Phase 1 – Covert Gehenna Level Sins (1991)

(#) = Sin Tally

1. GB WTBTS sanction a UN/NGO Department of Public Information (DPI) Public Relations agreement for UN/Disgusting Thing 3.0 in False-Prophet’s NWO Mantra Mode; (9/8/1991 Awake!) (1)

2. Internal profanation of the temple/priesthood (2-3), organization (4), and the JW sacrifice (5); (Ongoing) is accomplished for 10 covert years of UN supporting promotions;

Daniel 11:31 they (gKN and JW traitors) will actually profane the (JW) sanctuary (by UN/NGO services), the fortress (JW Org), and remove the constant feature. (Pollute JW sacrifices from then on;)

This results in high level holy spirit removed and blessing withdrawn; (Hag1; Mal1; Zech1) The betrayal targeted JW flock under divine shepherding; (Zech11)

3. 10 years of Wildbeast adultery ensues in covert mode as xGB peppers and plugs the UN and NWO to it’s global audience mind; (Hundreds of sins)

Phase 2a – United Nations Worship and Escort Services Exposed (2001)

4. UN/NGO “news release” timed with 911 event for full effect is released with pedophile protection policies news in May 2002;

In other words xGB globalist operations go covert while United Nations relationship goes “world news” overt;

Phase 2b – Idol Erection and Stumble Fest and More Bloodguilt (Ongoing)

5. xGB uses “apostate”, “opposer” and general valid criticism of obvious real hypocrisy as a pretext to idolatrously fortify the attacked “bodies” of “GB” (6), “Slave” (7) and “Org” (8) in the WT, creating an idol construction routine (9) that builds with every self-exalting WT publication article to “repair” the PR damages of engineered reproach; (Hundreds upon hundreds of sins)

In other words it is a self-fueling synergistic strategy for compounding sins perpetually not “accidental” or “random” but “symbiotic”;

6. Regularly, sanctification of Jehovah’s name and Christ’s Kingdom publicity is stolen (Zech5) (9-10) by undue attention given to the xGB idol “under construction” and their support idols of “Slave” and “Org” along with a 10 year and growing United Nations “Disgusting Thing” ( UN/DT) as NWO pushing monster-idol in the JW temple in full worldwide view and publication; (11)

In other words it is deeply established now, terminal, was subtle and is real regularly practiced gross sin condoned and unconfessed by the xGB; The WT no longer talks about Jehovah, but about themselves, and topical newbie sheep minutia recycled to pretend to look busy and holy;

Mega Internet “Sam Herd” Phase

7. Now the xGB and globalist planners create an oppositional web “herd” of opposers and critics on the internet fed by general xGB globalist puppeted shenanigans piped out regularly to the web, in public actions and ideation in the realm of hyper-absurdity and ridiculousness; (12, thousands of sins)

In other words “Apostates” are xGB fed, grown and shepherded on the 2 billion person web by the xGB who by policy exclude JWs from any reparatory  participation in that massive worldwide field;

8. This is another sin, JWs never have been encouraged or organized to “bear thorough witness” to these 2 billion people, many inaccessible by traditional means who could be reached by the internet; (13, millions of sins)

SuperSin: By this strategy the oppositional xGB led “satan (sam) herd” on the web have a captive audience 24/7/365, with a one-sided argument, in the largest global territory to open up in human history, with only a “branch office” (the jw website) and no JWs in force, just a few JW web-pioneers in unofficial Godsend missions;

Brazen Manifestation

9. The xGB is so brazen, blatant and surreal in hypocrisy and bad policy, JWs accept their enormous claims and tomfooleries because the contrary obvious implication of the overt “JW” “man of lawlessness”  for 20 known years is simply unacceptable to the average duped JW; Yet, that is exactly what it is occurring; (14)

In other words it is hidden in plain sight, too big to see, now just part of the JW org backdrop;

Mega Stumbling Bloodguilt

10. This willing, condoned and regular adultery, idolatry, reproach, lies, theft and murder by stumbling proves it is purposeful in evil actions and compound in dynamic effects; This is beyond a merely “stupid” “GB” as many duped bystanders linearly react as part of the formula on the unaware general population, it is brilliant in evil planning and the great actual effect of stumbling millions of people from the web globally, covertly daily in the hundreds; (15)

In other words, JWs approving of this have blood on their hands in the millions by complicity and community guilt with the “mother” (Hos2:5) xGB and NOW innocent blood-tainted JW org; (Eze9:4)

11. With the UN/NGO scandal and obvious pedophile propagating invitationals creating organized scams in multi-millions in “out of court settlements” (and real abuses), 8 to 12 million people are stumbled in 10 years, robbers con the temple regularly; (Eze7:22)

12. Hundreds of millions of people worldwide see the reproach, and JWs see the stats of the JW growth rate being cut in half in a 20 year trend since the 1990 projections; Now 8 million projected JWs missing, where did they go?

Stumbled by the xGB;

In other words something has to give; The 1991 United Nations ( UN) harlotry (blessing removal) and the subsequent overt “man of lawlessness” sinner operations since 2001 have JWs sunk in perpetual, deep and compounded, multi-layered, voluminous, expanding sin, while in total denial, adding more sin to the sins; (Zech3:2-3)

Mega Global Reproach of Jehovah

13. All one has to ask is one simple question to see the “man of lawlessness” fulfilling in the xGB and org evil developments AS WE SPEAK;

Is Jehovah really going to inspire xGB Milton Henschel and Co, to bring grand reproach globally upon His own Name from a brazen adultery with the UN-NGO for UN/NWO and give that His approval and blessing?

With no reprisal of any sort?

You GOTTA be nuts! (1Pet4:17; Zech3)



From One Thing

So that is how, from an established infiltration of the JW org, fulfilling prophecy in Daniel 11:30, and finally manifesting in the UN/DT (disgusting thing; Dan11:31; Matt24:15) 3.0 dual “placement” sin of 1991, also fulfilling Daniel 11:31b, all this compound situation of gross sins originated, one thing leading to another;

And it continues to be condoned and continued by Jehovah’s witnesses now as a group as we await God’s judgment on this most shameful era in Jehovah’s Witnesses history, and lament the brazen “man of lawlessness” ( MOL) Governing Body in our midst who has 90% of JWs sharing in his sins and totally oblivious of the judgment due (Dan8:11-14);

The “Man of Lawlessness” is now obviously “IN the temple of the God” publicly self-revealed; (2Thess2:3-4)

And what it the root?

Unbridled xGB self-exaltation, pride, and habitual sinning trend apparently engineered to be such, just like Satan himself; (2Cor11:13-15), who now covertly rules the WTBTS from the xGB “right hand” of “Joshua” for a “short period of time” as well, in a “1/3” coming judgment in final fulfillment mode; (Rev8:2-13); (Zech3:1; 2Thess2:3-12 in 2Cor11:13-15 mode)

But as we know this was aided externally; (Dan11:30)

The judgment coming on JWs to cleanse temple (Dan8:11-14) and to cleanse priesthood for recover (Zech3:2-9) is now being made known before 1Peter4:17 erupts on the JW house worldwide – SOON;


Governing Body of Man of Lawlessness DevelopmentMan of Lawlessness Exposed Strengthens Faith

Synchronicity – United Nations and Governing Body Partnership

GB Cover Up: United Nations Third World Placement 1990


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Fred W. Franz, Fred Franz, Brother Fred Franz

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