Faithful and Discreet Slave Identified by God After Divine Temple Judgment

Faithful and Discreet Slave Identified by God After Divine Temple Judgment

(Matthew 24:45-47) “Who really is the faithful and discreet slave whom his master appointed over his domestics, to give them their food at the proper time? 46 Happy is that slave if his master on arriving finds him doing so. 47 Truly I say to you, He will appoint him over all his belongings.

(Matthew 24:48-51) 48 “But if ever that evil slave should say in his heart, ‘My master is delaying,’ 49 and should start to beat his fellow slaves and should eat and drink with the confirmed drunkards, 50 the master of that slave will come on a day that he does not expect and in an hour that he does not know, 51 and will punish him with the greatest severity and will assign him his part with the hypocrites. There is where [his] weeping and the gnashing of [his] teeth will be.

A Repeating Divine Determination Marked by Divine Judgment

The basic principle of a “faithful and discreet slave” and an “evil slave” determination used in this prophetic illustration of that principle is the identification of both respective entities as a verdict of a foretold divine judgment making the actual distinction by divine means; (Mal3:18); And that applies to any Christian era divine judgment marked in prophecy since Christ’s time; It is not determined ultimately by humans, because Jesus is the inspector and judge appointed by God (Rev2:23; Zech3:1-3;), with God (Mal3:1-5) to make such a determination prior to carrying out the judgment – after the judgment the identification is made known to those in the judgment period;

It relates to all divine inspections and judgments of the Christian era finding faith and evil in God’s people, marked in prophecy and eventually history, such as the divine judgment of Jerusalem in 70 CE, and the spiritual Jerusalem judgment focusing on the Revelation 11:2 “holy city” and “temple” of the 1914-1922 era of inspection and judgment; (Rev11:1-7); It will also apply to the coming final temple judgment that like Israel’s, Jerusalem’s and Christendom’s past principle repeating, will also catch Jehovah’s witnesses “like a thief in the night”; (Matt25:5); As already the temple inspection of Jehovah’s witnesses is completing unbeknownst to most Jehovah’s witnesses; (Zech3:1-3; 2Thess2:1-4);

Thus ultimately the respective divine judgment would determine faithful and evil individuals known fully by God and Christ (and eventually all; Mal3:18) by means of divine inspection, carried out prior to the judgment also forewarned; And these must be of a covenant relationship as “slaves” due to the intimate nature of the prophetic description, the great responsibility implied, and the potential of further great divine rewards and more responsibility, or loss of privileges and punishment due to negligence identified fully after the judgment;

Though not a picture of a comprehensive world judgment specifically, the principle of faithful and evil being determined by God in judgment obviously applies in comprehensive worldwide manner in the end as “sheep” or “goat” final world judgment symbols and eventual reality; And even later in millennial Kingdom rule; (Acts17:30; Rev21-22); That final world judgment of this current ending Adamic era and it’s life or death separation (Matt25:31-46; Matt24:29-31) just prior to Armageddon’s climax (Rev14:14-20) is the related continuation of judgment, and the outcome of a prior signal and more specifically focused divine temple judgment; (1Pet4:17); For the temple judgment, that divine verdict as determined by the record of the contender faithful and discreet slave’s diligence and performance in carrying out tasks, “things assigned” (Luke17:10), would be affecting and aiding the future post temple judgment final increasing of the sheep side potential “great crowd” population of the final world judgment for later final world judgment AND would be demonstrating the slave’s faithfulness in carrying out the mission;

The Jehovah’s witnesses Christian final temple judgment soon, starts a continuum of prophecy leading to final world judgment; (1Pet4:17);

Meaning the temple judgment signals the world judgment well beforehand and pictures it in principle; The temple judgment also places a final mission upon the “faithful and discreet” ministerial entity purified trough the judgment, to proceed through to final world judgment coming later; (Rev8-11 final fulfillment is a continuum); There is more work after the “faithful slave” anointed members make the temple judgment precursor approved by God and Christ; That Christ “will appoint him over all his belongings” indicates more work to carry out after the “faithful” determination is made, after temple judgment, for the final increasing of sheep through the final world warning period leading to the full world judgment this all signals and leads to;

It is also why the detrimental effects of the “evil slave” element is removed prior to the final world warning and the final sheep gathering work leading to, but well before Armageddon final total world judgment; It is also why the “evil slave” does not perceive the coming judgment or conceals it’s significance; It is no surprise the “evil slave” will actually bypass the required judgment and divine determination and judge and appoint himself as “faithful slave”;

Jesus opens the illustration with a question as “who really is the faithful and discreet slave?”; This indicates many would wonder, many would be making claims and appointing themselves (Matt24:23-26), but logically Jesus Christ, not humans and not the indeterminate “slave” himself, will make the final determination of faithfulness, and that would be marked by a stealth divine inspection (Zech3:1-3) prior to a well seen foretold divine judgment; (1Pet4:17; Dan8:13-14);

In past judgments we know by the work of the first century Christians and the Christian International Bible Students later becoming Jehovah’s Witnesses that God had to be revealing truth through Christ through these manifested examples of the “faithful slave” body; The truth in effect, spoke for itself with Biblical proof of prophetic world events becoming history now;

In any event, Jesus asking “who?” indicates there would be a known determination of  “who really is the faithful and discreet slave?”; (Mal3:18); Jesus himself answers the question; It would and will be symbolic of a class with approved members making up that “faithful” “slave” “body” after a well known and foretold divine judgment manifestation – it is NOT a rhetorical question; And it has already had two historic minor fulfillments to prove it;

(Luke 18:7-8) Certainly, then, shall not God cause justice to be done for his chosen ones who cry out to him day and night (Rev8:3), even though he is long-suffering toward them? 8 I tell you, He will cause justice to be done to them speedily. Nevertheless, when the Son of man arrives, will he really find the faith on the earth?”

There will also be an “evil slave” class that must develop from the overall “slave” body, with individuals comprising it operative at the same time for a limited period of time, as a well known repeating pattern amongst human beings and God’s people; and by prophecy, the “evil slave” can not only be determined by lawless conduct (Rev2:2), it is foretold he is revealed prior to the temple judgment signaling it’s closeness; (2Thess2:3) Though Christ finalizes that judgment, Christians fully awake now can actually see the “man of lawlessness” by the supporting revealing prophecies he fulfills and his publicly known alliances and cumulative lawless record;

The divinely recorded determination of faithful or evil slave class individuals, is made before (at inspection verdict; Zech3:1-3), and the identification is made divinely known AFTER a marked divine judgment removes the evil element (also identifying it) – the purpose of that part of the judgment – purifications and then divinely backed public record; in the interim God has a record of judgment Himself:

(Malachi 3:16-18) At that time those in fear of Jehovah spoke with one another, each one with his companion, and Jehovah kept paying attention and listening. And a book of remembrance began to be written up before him for those in fear of Jehovah and for those thinking upon his name. 17 “And they will certainly become mine,” Jehovah of armies has said, “at the day when I am producing a special property. And I will show compassion upon them, just as a man shows compassion upon his son who is serving him. 18 And you people will again certainly see [the distinction] between a righteous one and a wicked one, between one serving God and one who has not served him.”

The “book of remembrance” in final fulfillment, contains those marked faithful ones to be spared “evil slave” condemnation and removal in the temple judgment:

(Ezekiel 9:3-6) And as regards the glory of the God of Israel, it was taken up from over the cherubs over which it happened to be to the threshold of the house, and he began calling out to the man that was clothed with the linen, at whose hips there was the secretary’s inkhorn. 4 And Jehovah went on to say to him: “Pass through the midst of the city, through the midst of Jerusalem, and you must put a mark on the foreheads of the men that are sighing and groaning over all the detestable things that are being done in the midst of it.” 5 And to these [others] he said in my ears: “Pass through the city after him and strike. Let not your eye feel sorry, and do not feel any compassion. 6 Old man, young man and virgin and little child and women you should kill off—to a ruination. But to any man upon whom there is the mark do not go near, and from my sanctuary you should start.”

Relevant Warning For All Divine Judgments

That this “faithful” and “evil” determination applies to foretold key divine judgments to be historically marked is evident in the fact Jesus Christ would not give the apostles and disciples an important illustration that did not have a prophetic principle relevance to that initial time of Christian judgment; That initial judgment was very important to first century Christians aware also of the obvious state (to some) of Israel’s condition eventually fully marked by Jerusalem’s historic fate as the context of the judgment’s completion – well marked in prophecy becoming world history:

(Luke 19:41-44) And when he got nearby, he viewed the city and wept over it, 42 saying: “If you, even you, had discerned in this day the things having to do with peace—but now they have been hid from your eyes. 43 Because the days will come upon you when your enemies will build around you a fortification with pointed stakes and will encircle you and distress you from every side, 44 and they will dash you and your children within you to the ground, and they will not leave a stone upon a stone in you, because you did not discern the time of your being inspected.”

And that judgment had signal features to be looking for diligently:

(Matthew 24:15-16) “Therefore, when you catch sight of the disgusting thing that causes desolation, as spoken of through Daniel the prophet, standing in a holy place, (let the reader use discernment,) 16 then let those in Judea begin fleeing to the mountains.

(Luke 21:20-22) “Furthermore, when you see Jerusalem surrounded by encamped armies, then know that the desolating of her has drawn near. 21 Then let those in Judea begin fleeing to the mountains, and let those in the midst of her withdraw, and let those in the country places not enter into her; 22 because these are days for meting out justice, that all the things written may be fulfilled.

And those features of “disgusting thing” connections (like Bethel UN NGO “standing”), and positioning for enemy attack (like Bethel 8th King related administrations “in the temple”) are even repeating now, as they also repeated in Christendom’s house judgment of the 1914-1922 overall Kingdom birth period as Christendom also aligned with the “League of Nations” during an initial temple judgment period; (John19:15); and aided enemy attacks of true Christians exposing the reality; (Dan7:25; Dan12:7; Rev11:1-14; Rev12:6, 14; Rev13:5; );

Principle Applies to Final World Judgment

A favorable and unfavorable divine judgmental decision selectively carried out on every individual in the divine judgment target as one or the other, faithful or evil, is a principle founded in the Bible since Noah’s time (Matt24:36-42), Lot’s time and Israel’s time in Egypt, and other times; (2Pet2:1-22); Prophetically specific massive divine judgment on Israel (740 BCE; Hos1:4-7) and Jerusalem (607 BCE) were the initial climax periods all the prophets were warning of since Moses’ record, over and over, that also saw a faithful and evil determination of all of God’s people in a divine judgment applied as a principle later in Christ’s time and after, of divine judgment guarantee for people to learn from, and be aided by the nature of it’s also guaranteed repetition; Over and over, until the final judgment cycle it repeats in cycles; The principle repeats over and over, as does the judgment, but a final period and final judgment (Matt25:31-46) is what it indicates and ultimately warns of as prophecy outlines the trajectory to the final judgment over some years, initiated by the signal JW judgment first; (1Pet4:17);

The repetition is for emphasis, to recognize the signs of one’s own time individually (Matt24:36-44), for it will eventually be applied to every one in the judgment, ultimately all people worldwide:

(Matthew 25:31-33) “When the Son of man arrives in his glory, and all the angels with him, then he will sit down on his glorious throne. 32 And all the nations will be gathered before him, and he will separate people one from another, just as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats. 33 And he will put the sheep on his right hand, but the goats on his left.

Thus the principle of judgment and it’s guaranteed divine decision to be carried out on all target individuals for good or bad outcomes, is also present in modern times in the foregleam divine judgments foretold and fulfilled in the 1914-1922’s Kingdom birth phase and temple foundational period of fulfillment; Now that very learning example and master pattern must repeat in the final Kingdom completion phase, initiated by JW temple judgment that it all foregleams (1Pet4:17), as a final temple judgment is also, again, now falling on Jehovah’s witnesses who too overall, have missed the awareness of even the divine inspection (Zech3:1-3) and the overall prophetic requirement of a final temple judgment:

(1 Peter 4:17-18) For it is the appointed time for the judgment to start with the house of God. Now if it starts first with us, what will the end be of those who are not obedient to the good news of God? 18 “And if the righteous [man] is being saved with difficulty, where will the ungodly [man] and the sinner make a showing?”

Coming Temple Judgment of Jehovah’s Witnesses

This, and other developments covered below, proves the coming temple judgment (Dan8:13-14) of Jehovah’s witnesses will be a world signal leading to the complete world judgment at Armageddon over some prophetically marked years after this final temple judgment signal commencement and timed period completes; (Dan8:13-14 leads to Rev11:1-7);

That continuum to Armageddon signaled by and activating with the JW temple judgment begins the final prophetic cycle ending at Armageddon;

Thus when we assess the Governing Body’s latest “flash of new light” seemingly out of the blue, we know in no way can humans determine and appoint themselves as “the faithful and discreet slave” (FDS), nor can they make the determination prematurely of a divine judgment, nor can it be validly performed by sinner human determination and self-approval in self-judgment upon a Biblically alien “governing” “body”; (2Thess2:3-4); It is determined by Christ by foretold divine perfect inspection of the Christian anointed body prior to the divine temple judgment to make it all official (Zech3:4-7), and to make it known to all approved Christians after the temple judgment and purification completes;

The Governing Body is merely bringing blasphemy to an apex prior to departure, that is why this absurd announcement “fell from the sky” the way it did;

Thus we already have a signal the Governing Body (GB) is a foreign entity “in the temple”, non-anointed, and not given divine insight or approval; the self-determination of the Governing Body unto itself as a sole, one and only in all Bible history “faithful and discreet slave”, is itself a signal evil slave characteristic, and a red flag of the “man of lawlessness” in a self-exalted self-appointed position, in blasphemy as well, as they are now also playing God, “lifting himself over everyone”, and waving that red flag to impartial Christians awake guarding themselves from GB idolatries, to note this signal prophecy, along with Bethel publicly known lawlessness, lawless alliances (UN NGO) and absurd “revelations” affirms this prophetic signal in it’s terminal state; (2Thess2:3-4);

Thief in The Night Temple Inspection

But we have another clue (and more clues to reveal below) who the GB really is, neither they, apparently, nor Jehovah’s witnesses misled by them, are even are aware of, or warn of, the temple inspection now in progress nearing completion indictments in Bethel lawlessness and apostate “befouled garments”:

(Zechariah3:1-3) 1 And he (divine revelation) proceeded to show me Joshua the high priest (anointed priesthood) standing (for inspection) before the angel of Jehovah (the angel of God inspector), and Satan standing at his right hand (GB; 2Thess2:9) in order to resist him. (“set in opposition”) 2 Then [the angel of] Jehovah said to Satan: “Jehovah rebuke you, O Satan, yes, Jehovah rebuke you (doubled guarantee), he who is choosing Jerusalem! (anointed body, not Governing “Body” is the divine irreversible choice) Is this one not a (JW temple) log snatched out of the fire? (of temple desolations) (Rev8:2-5 fire, and the spiritual state of “Jerusalem” due to “man of lawlessness” GB activities “in the temple”) 3 Now as for Joshua (anointed body and Christ’s reputation by extension, now in reproach by association with apostate Bethel), he happened to be clothed in befouled garments and standing before the angel. (temple inspection indictment reached);

In final fulfillment that above temple priesthood court inspection and indicting divine observation must precede Malachi 3’s actual temple judgment entry and presence of Christ to perform final purifications of temple and priesthood by supernatural means:

(Malachi 3:1-4) 1 “Look! I am sending my messenger, and he must clear up a way before me. And suddenly (like a thief in the night) there will come to His temple the [true] Lord (implies an entry, a full arrival (“presence”), beyond the Zech3:1-3 temple inspection; 2Thess2:8), whom you people are seeking, and the messenger of the covenant in whom you are delighting. Look! He will certainly come,” Jehovah of armies has said. 4 And the gift offering of Judah and of Jerusalem will actually be gratifying to Jehovah, as in the days of long ago and as in the years of antiquity. (purification resumes a clean “constant feature” discontinue in the temple judgment desolation);

Which removes the main “befouler” “in the temple” at that time:

(2 Thessalonians 2:8) Then, indeed, the lawless one will be revealed (in temple inspection; Zech3:1-3), whom the Lord Jesus will do away with by the spirit of his mouth and bring to nothing by the manifestation of his presence. (at temple judgment purifying entry of Christ; (Isa66:6));

In the Revelation 8 parallel to temple judgment (Rev8:1-6 is Dan8:13-14) and it’s four announcing trumpets of eventual revelation of temple judgments made known in full  awareness, we also find the parallel to the “befouled garments” by “lawless one” parallel prophetic activities “in the temple”:

(Revelation 8:10-11) And the third angel blew his trumpet. And a great star burning as a lamp fell from heaven (Daniel 11:30 “those leaving the holy covenant” as represented by the Governing Body apostasy and infiltration), and it fell upon a third of the rivers and upon the fountains of waters. (of JW teachings) 11 And the name of the star is called Wormwood. (Governing Body “man of lawlessness”) And a third of the (JW “earth”) waters turned into wormwood, and many of the men died (spiritually stumbled or apostatizing) from the (befouled) waters, because these had been made bitter. (in lawlessness and injustice; (Amos5:7; Matt24:12);

Which results in this divinely required final temple priesthood purification carried out in the temple judgment parallel:

(Zechariah 3:4-5) Then he answered and said to those (angels) standing before him: “Remove the (apostate Bethel’s) befouled garments (lawlessness and reproach and it’s foretold apostate Bethel source) from upon him.” (2Thess2:8 parallel) And he went on to say to him (anointed realization from God:) “See, I have caused your error to pass away from upon you (purification), and there is a clothing of you with robes of state.” (actual, genuine anointed remnant priesthood temple officiation; FDS significance) 5 At that I said: “Let them (angel directed) put a clean turban upon his head.” (actual genuine approved anointed leadership replaces Bethel’s filthy “turban”) And they (the Destroyer’s angels, Rev9 recovery) proceeded to put the clean turban upon his head and to clothe him with garments; and the angel of Jehovah was standing by. (Christ “the Destroyer” King (Rev9:11) oversees the temple purification and recovery to irreversible completion);

At this time, all Bethel (and WTS) apostate factions, JW “weeds” and their Governing Body “man of lawlessness” are removed by Christ in purifying “destroyer” mode of operations (Rev9; 2Thess2:8) at the end of the required temple desolation period of Daniel 8:14 “evening”;

Since God is sensitive in a judgment designed for purification not complete JW temple destruction, a call to repentance is also in the first four Revelation 8 trumpets announced as temple recovery nears, since many JWs are sincerely motivated, but also severely misled; (It’s a wake up call; (Matt25:1-13; Zech4:1);

Actual Faithful and Discreet Slave Designation

Which temple judgment desolations leads to the final temple judgment completed in purification of the spiritual temple and priesthood and the real “faithful and discreet slave” designation and final divine ultimatum (to lead to Revelation 10 “little scroll” acceptance) to the anointed members passing the temple judgment repentant and approved:

(Zechariah 3:6-7) And the angel of Jehovah began to bear witness to Joshua, saying: 7 “This is what Jehovah of armies has said, ‘If it is in my ways that you will walk, and if it is my obligation that you will keep, then also it will be you that will judge my house and also keep my courtyards; (“all his belongings” as parallel to faithful slave official clean new “robes of state” as divine opportunity upon Rev10-11 mission completion) and I shall certainly give you free access among these (angels) who are standing by.’

In the final fulfillment, the need of a final temple judgment phase, to start on Jehovah’s witnesses (1Pet4:17; Eze9:6; Jer25:29), is for purification purposes to lead to an accurate and truthful global signal “portent” that connects to temple completion certainty and announcements, hence Kingdom completion and Armageddon significance:

(Zechariah 3:8-9) “‘Hear, please, O Joshua the high priest (anointed body), you and your companions (anointed body members) who are sitting before you (as angels are shown standing with “Joshua” in this vision, humans are seated here), for they are men [serving] as (Christian and world) portents (leading to and into the final “two witnesses” connection to Zechariah 4 proclamations of temple “head stone” divine completion); for here I am bringing in my servant Sprout! (The “head stone”, “grand crown” and actual divine Christ King-Priest spirit person of temple final completion event) 9 For, look! the stone (Zech4:6-8) that I have put before Joshua! Upon the one stone (Christ as temple and Kingdom completion final “stone” of the temple, finalizing the whole Messianic Kingdom “stone” completion of Daniel 2:31-45) there are seven eyes. (complete divine oversight of temple completion) Here I am engraving its engraving,’ is the utterance of Jehovah of armies, ‘and I will take away the error of that land in one day.’ (temple and priesthood purification completion symbol as temple cleaned (Isa66:6) and accounted; God ensures the recognition of that stone’s “engraving” meaning and irreversibility of it’s purpose to complete the temple and Messianic Kingdom;);

Meaning the temple priesthood purification must precede the final divine ultimatum of Zechariah 3:6-7, which is a re-commission of a now temple judgment cleansed Jehovah’s witnesses anointed body and purified ministry that must announce the Kingdom and temple completion “put before Joshua”; That commission is put before the cleansed anointed body in that symbol as a divine guarantee and worldwide “portent” that all this development is indicating the Kingdom and temple completion; That temple completing Christ “the one stone” significance to be placed on all 144000 “gathered to him” (2Thess2:1) parallels Zechariah 4 temple completion prophecy, as Zechariah 4 (Zech4:1 = Rev11:1; Zech4:14 = Rev11:4) parallels Revelation 11 Kingdom, temple completion prophecy:

(Zechariah 4:6-9) Accordingly he answered and said to me: “This is the word of Jehovah to Zerubbabel, saying, (the temple will complete) ‘“Not by a military force, nor by power, but by my spirit,” Jehovah of armies has said. 7 Who are you, O great mountain? (apostate Bethel first, rival 8th King last) Before Zerubbabel [you will become] a level land. (all current truth and temple completion obstacles will be removed by divine means) And he will certainly bring forth the headstone. (Zech3:9 “the one stone”; Christ as temple completion King-Priest; Zech6:9-15) There will be shoutings to it: “How charming! How charming! (two witnessings)”’” 8 And the word of Jehovah continued to occur to me, saying: 9 “The very hands of Zerubbabel have laid the foundation of this house, and his own hands will finish [it]. (The temple 144000 shall complete by te means it was founded and announced by; Rev11);

(Zechariah’s prophecy and temple judgment)

Connects to Final World Warning Final Mission

As now the purified “Joshua the High Priest” as the symbol of all anointed Christians purified for “faithful and discreet slave” second “two witnesses” “little scroll” final mission, are receiving the “little scroll” in that Zechariah 3:6-7 divine ultimatum culmination:

(Revelation 10:8-11) And the voice that I heard out of heaven is speaking again with me and saying: “Go, take the opened (to full understanding prior to deployment) scroll that is in the hand of the angel who is standing on the sea and on the earth.” 9 And I went away to the angel and told him to give me the little (brief, 1260 day) scroll (of guaranteed Kingdom completion proclamation). And he said to me: “Take it and eat it up, and it will make your belly bitter, but in your mouth it will be sweet as honey.” 10 And I took the little scroll out of the hand of the angel and ate it up (accepts the mission), and in my mouth it was sweet as honey; but when I had eaten it up, my belly was made bitter. 11 And they say to me: “You must prophesy again with regard to peoples and nations and tongues and many kings.” (with regard to Kingdom and temple completion);

Thus the by then purified “two witnesses” will announce that “little scroll” contents again, in a brief but powerful final 1260 day ministry announcing Messianic Kingdom completion, as the revealed “faithful and discreet slave” approved contenders who must complete the final “two witnesses” mission to “be appointed over all his belongings” in final form, as “you will judge my house” in final 144000 completed ultimate fashion as “and also keep my courtyards” as the Kingdom and temple finalize into completion soon after the mission completes (Rev11:7-14; Dan7:25-26; Dan12:11);

(Revelation 11:1-4) And a reed like a rod was given me as he said: “Get up and measure (a guarantee, not an inspection; “measure” means architectural “lay out” of finished PURPOSE, the “holy city” is complete, as far as the Sovereign Lord Jehovah Almighty GOD is concerned in is Will be done on earth…) the temple [sanctuary] of God and the altar and those worshiping in it. 2 But as for the courtyard that is outside the temple [sanctuary], cast it clear out and do not measure it, because it has been given to the nations, and they will trample the holy city underfoot for forty-two months. 3 And I will cause my two witnesses to prophesy a thousand two hundred and sixty days dressed in sackcloth.” 4 These are [symbolized by] the two olive trees and the two lampstands and are standing before the Lord of the earth. (Zech4:14);

That replicating 1260 days, like the 1914-1918 1260 days formerly carried out, completes the divine decree of “seven times” of “holy city” trampling (Luke21:24; Dan4) of anointed Christians as 1260 days (1914-1918) + 1260 days (future) for 2520 days “seven times” total;

Leads to Kingdom 144000 Completion and Armageddon

Which very detailed prophetic proof as “little scroll” leads to Daniel 11:44 “disturbing” “reports” in that “little scroll” ministry leading to the final 8th King attack after the 1260 days of the final “two witnesses” has ended:

(Revelation 11:7) And when they have finished their witnessing (1260 days completes), the (8th King) wild beast that ascends out of the abyss (Rev17:8-18 (final fulfillment); Meaning a final world conflict UN 3.0 (Daniel 11:31d) falls into, for 4tth UN final placement) will make war with (WE shall be spiritually at war with the losers) them and conquer them and kill them. (They win the battle; Dan7:25-26; Dan12:7, 11);

WE win the war; Our Magedon, not theirs;

Which hearty, yet weak 8th King attack (Eze38:7) aids the final completion of the 144000 as a complete symbology of Kingdom completion here below, finalizing in parallel Matthew 24:29-31 post 1260 days Christ manifestation and final gathering worldwide events after the final 1260 days world warning ends:

(Revelation 11:11-13) And after the three and a half days (a brief delay in 144000 completion) spirit of life from God entered into them, and they stood upon their feet, and great fear fell upon those beholding them. 12 And they heard a loud voice out of heaven say to them: “Come on up here.” And they went up into heaven in the cloud, and their enemies beheld them. (144000 and Kingdom completes in the also completing 8th King face) 13 And in that hour a great earthquake occurred (the temple completion marker; Rev11:19; 16:18), and a tenth of the city fell; and seven thousand persons were killed by the earthquake, and the rest became frightened and gave glory to the God of heaven.

Which precedes 7th trumpet finality of awareness and Kingdom conquest imminent at Armageddon:

(Revelation 11:15) And the seventh angel blew his trumpet. And loud voices occurred in heaven, saying: “The kingdom of the world did become the kingdom of our Lord and of his Christ, and he will rule as king forever and ever.”

And then (pretty soon), WE win the “war of the GREAT DAY of God THE Almighty” by virtue of, of course, with GOD AND CHRIST; (Rev19:11-21); And a whole lot of holy angels! (Joel 3:12-17) and the whole 144000 completing:

(Joel 2:30-32) 30 “And I will give portents in the heavens and on the earth, blood and fire and columns of smoke. 31 The sun itself will be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood (Luke 21:25-28), before the coming of the great and fear-inspiring day of Jehovah. 32 And it must occur that everyone who calls on the name of Jehovah will get away safe; for in Mount Zion (heavenly aspect) and in Jerusalem (those about to be “gathered to him” to complete 144,000) there will prove to be the escaped ones (great crowd), just as Jehovah has said, and in among the survivors (last of 144000), whom Jehovah is calling.”

(Joel 3:9-18) “Proclaim this, you people, among the nations, ‘Sanctify war! Arouse the powerful men! Let them draw near! Let them come up, all the men of war! 10 Beat your plowshares into swords and your pruning shears into lances. As for the weak one, let him say: “I am a powerful man.” 11 Lend your aid and come, all you nations round about, and collect yourselves together.’” To that place, O Jehovah, bring your powerful ones down. (the holy angels) 12 “Let the nations be aroused and come up to the low plain of Jehoshaphat; for there I shall sit in order to judge all the nations round about.

13 “THRUST in a sickle (Rev14:14-21), for harvest has grown ripe. Come, descend, for [the] winepress has become full. The press vats actually overflow; for their badness has become abundant. 14 Crowds, crowds (including the protected “great crowd”; (Zech12:6-9)) are in the low plain of the decision (of Armageddon final world judgment; of the Adamic era ending; Gen3:14-17), for the day of Jehovah (2Thess2:1-3) is near (Mal3:5) in the low plain (meaning VERY close, yet some can still SURRENDER; Ps2) of the decision. 15 Sun and moon themselves will certainly become dark, and the very stars will actually withdraw their brightness. (Matt24:29-31; Rev16:12; see Joel’s Prophecy) 16 And out of Zion Jehovah himself will roar, and out of Jerusalem (144000 becoming) he will give forth his voice (FDS two witnesses). And heaven and earth certainly will rock; but Jehovah will be a refuge for his people (2Thess1:6-10), and a fortress (Zech2:5) for the sons of Israel. (Matt19:28 earth sheep conclude the 6th Trumpet, last proclaimers of the 7th (all 144000 are in spirit immortal form)) 17 And you people (2Thess1:6-10) will have to know that I am Jehovah your God, residing in Zion (Rev14:1) my holy mountain. And Jerusalem must become a holy place; and as regards strangers, they will no more pass through her. 18 “And it must occur in that day that the mountains will drip with sweet wine (Isaiah 2:1-4, Mic41-4 Israel’s “two witnesses” of that era; See Zech3:10 please) and the very hills will flow with milk, and the very streambeds of Judah will all flow with water. And out of the house of Jehovah there will go forth a spring (Rev22:1-3; and to see if we are paying attention Eze47:9 “re-creation” of our favorite friends, such as God’s dog Charley “lightning” “the Knight” (by Gen1 virtue of who all this all is written by te Lord God’s will) and Buster Bob and 2nd Knight Banjo Bob and all OUR friends like Bush, Cleo, Knight Meatball, Spot and Ernie, Luv, April, Ping-Pong, Paddle, Woody, LuLu, and of course Lucky; JESUS CHRIST!!!!!!! (He knows ALL their names, and nicknames, not one of tem is missing;)  and about a trillion more, or so (and every child they will have, and every parent they did have; doubt is quite natural, as is actual TRUTH; (Re-Genesis in last Adam (Matt 19:28), and it must irrigate the torrent valley of the Acacia Trees. (Eze47; Rev22: Gen1);

(Isaiah 26:15) You have added to the nation (in final final fulfillment “all things”); (Millennial reign, or a few sooner (Rev11:15-18));

It is what it is; read for yourself

(Ezekiel 47:9) And it must occur that every living soul that swarms (Gen1; Matt28), in every place to which the double-size torrent comes, will get life.

Yes, WE win; Yes our GOOD GOD makes GOOD friends. (John 15:11-16) They are coming to their abode, for Jehovah the Father is the God of the living, NOT the dead; (Rom8:18-22);

But in the meantime… Will WE accept the final mission?


Timed Temple Judgment of Jehovah’s Witnesses

Now we see why a temple judgment and purification in a signaled, marked and timed manner is required to produce this final cleansed ministry recovered from Bethel’s foretold signal apostate condition:

(Daniel 8:13-14) And I got to hear a certain holy one speaking, and another holy one proceeded to say to the particular one who was speaking: “How long will the vision be of the (befouled) constant [feature] and of the (UN NGO) transgression causing desolation, to make both [the] holy place and [the] army things to trample on?” 14 (Timed judgment, two phases:) So he said to me: “Until two thousand three hundred evenings [and] mornings; and [the] holy place will certainly be brought into its (temple purified) right condition.”

Now if most Jehovah’s witnesses aren’t even determining the temple inspection completing now or it’s initially revealed “befouling” “man of lawlessness” at Bethel, then most are also not aware of the temple judgment replication and why it is required; And thus the Governing Body is certainly not giving anointed or Jehovah’s witnesses all together “their food at the proper time” but instead feeding the Christian anointed lies and diversions (Rev8:10-11) mixed into parroted former material, coming forth regularly from an obvious rogue and non-priestly Bethel and Governing Body foretold fraud lawless system drifting JWs to judgment;

And as we see, the many elements of the divine judgment are all repeating AGAIN, including Jehovah’s witnesses’ denial and blindness regarding Bethel’s organized lawlessness; In fact the entire overall cycle of 1Peter 4:17’s “the judgment” is also replicating, starting with the JW temple judgment as a signal of the whole “the judgment” cycle paralleling 2Thessalonians 2:1-4 “Day of Jehovah” also beginning the final cycle of prophecy unto final “gathering to Christ” (2Thess2:1) amidst final sheep and goat separation prior to the Armageddon final world judgment that all these developments are signaling and leading to;

Thus we can understand the prophetic illustration much more clearly now:

(Matthew 24:45-47) “Who really is the faithful and discreet slave whom his master appointed over his domestics, to give them their food at the proper time? 46 Happy is that slave if his master on arriving (at the temple judgment) finds him doing so. 47 Truly I say to you, He will appoint him over all his belongings. (including the final Kingdom completion world warning mission);

(Matthew 24:48-51) 48 “But if ever that evil slave should say in his heart, ‘My master is delaying,’ 49 and should start to beat his fellow slaves (like the Bethel system is designed to do, disparaging true anointed and all Christians) and should eat and drink with the confirmed drunkards (UN NGO Bethel, GB and WTS drunks), 50 the master of that slave will come on a day that he does not expect and in an hour that he does not know (arrives as the “thief in the night” for the temple inspection and judgment precursor events, unknown to most JWs), 51 and will punish him with the greatest severity (concluding temple desolation period in purification and call to final repentance) and will assign him his part with the hypocrites. (as Bethel’s repeating apostasy joins all other historic Israel and Christendom judged and divinely marked apostasies) There is where [his] weeping and the gnashing of [his] teeth will be. (will progress over some years to final world judgment);

Bethel “Evil Slave” Candidate Revealed With Governing Body “Man of Lawlessness”

Thus we have the Governing Body “lifting themselves over everyone” prematurely into a self-approved status as “faithful and discreet slave” (FDS) with no divine inspection and judgment marking and making the actual divine determination;

And at the same time, by implication of this GB self-determination now, they are saying by implication and soon probably explicitly the divine judgment of the 1914-1922 period is also irrelevant, it made no “faithful and discreet slave” divine determination of it’s own; In fact the importance and divine significance of the Jerusalem judgment is also being undermined by Bethel’s latest blasphemy as also providing no approved divine “faithful” Christian class by way of the classic divine judgment in Christ’s and the first century Christians’ era; Now all the repetition God is using to warn Christians and the world today, is further denuded from the mass Jehovah’s witnesses spiritual consciousness by this Bethel evil undermining strategy;

Now the “Governing Body’s” personal judgment, not a divine judgment, as all former divine judgments are now essentially whisked away by the GB in all forms, is the final grandiose determinant of their own “faithfulness”, they are even playing “God” now, approving themselves, personally extricating all former divine judgment meaning, undermining foundational Christian truth, and being the lords of their own judgment and all Christians as this self-approved spiritual pinnacle of all human history, even lifted up over Christ himself in effect as they bypass his judging authority; (Matt25:45);

Well that apostate lawless signal is in itself a great piece of evidence actually fitting a critical divine signal prophecy that is a pre-requisite of the divine temple judgment now indicated as coming soon, as the precursor 1Peter4:17 temple judgment is the starting and defining element of “Jehovah’s Day” as also the overall “the judgment” beginning, and leads to Christ’s presence in the temple to purify the temple and ministry of a specific entity “in the temple” requiring removal in final fulfillment:

(2 Thessalonians 2:1-4) However, brothers, respecting the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ (in the temple first, in final fulfillment) and our being gathered together to him (in 144000 completion, in final fulfillment), we request of you 2 not to be quickly shaken from your reason nor to be excited either through an inspired expression or through a verbal message or through a letter as though from us, to the effect that the day of Jehovah is here. (the overall “the judgment” starting with JW temple judgment) 3 Let no one seduce you in any manner, because it (the judgment) will not come unless the apostasy (Dan11:30-35) comes first and the man of lawlessness gets revealed, the son of destruction. 4 He is set in opposition (naturally a foreign “body” in the temple opposing the anointed “body”) and lifts himself up over everyone (as FDS=GB self-approval reveals publicly) who is called “god” or an object of reverence, so that he sits down in the temple of The God, publicly showing himself to be a god. (by judging themselves in approval; that “sit down” is signaled by the FDS=GB blasphemy in a terminal form now);

And that relates to the Zechariah 3:1-3 temple priesthood divine court’s observation of the anointed Christian “befouled garments” status now present in the parallel anointed Christian priesthood profaned by the Governing Body and Bethel foretold apostate activities at the modern temple inspection completing now;

(Malachi 3:5) “And I will come near to you people for the judgment (the overall divine judgment that starts with JWs as per 1Peter4:17), and I will become a speedy witness against the sorcerers, and against the adulterers, and against those swearing falsely, and against those acting fraudulently with the wages of a wage worker, with [the] widow and with [the] fatherless boy, and those turning away the alien resident, while they have not feared me,” (first in the temple judgment “come near to you people” judgment event of JWs; (1Pet4:17)) Jehovah of armies has said.

The Foreign “Body” Of “Lawlessness”

Now by all this prophetic and evidentiary revelation, we have a new “body” “in the temple” in the recent add-on “Governing Body” being identified fully as an anti-Christian foreign object;

(Ephesians 4:11-13) And he gave some as apostles, some as prophets, some as evangelizers, some as shepherds and teachers, 12 with a view to the readjustment of the holy ones, for ministerial work, for the building up of the body of the Christ, 13 until we all attain to the oneness in the faith and in the accurate knowledge of the Son of God, to a full-grown man, to the measure of stature that belongs to the fullness of the Christ;

Do we see any “governors” or “lords” in that statement of God above? Is the “full-grown man” a two bodied entity with a “Governing Body” head?

No. The very existence of the non-biblical secular originating “Governing Body” (specialized “board of directors”) with it’s grandiose claims of Biblical precedent and divine authority and “Lord’s of the Faith” self-title now as also self-determined “faithful and discreet slave” is naturally, automatically “set in opposition” to the anointed “body of the Christ”, the ONLY “body” appointed by God in the Bible:

(1 Corinthians 12:27-28) Now you are Christ’s body, and members individually. 28 And God has set the respective ones in the congregation, first, apostles; second, prophets; third, teachers; then powerful works; then gifts of healings; helpful services, abilities to direct, different tongues.

These divinely defined anointed “members individually” are set “in the congregation”, not in a remote central “supreme council” of aloof freeloading and sheep eating Bethel elites, in an additional second self-invented “governing” “body”; God defines the congregation, not a foreign “governing body”:

(Hebrews 12:22-23) But you have approached a Mount Zion and a city of [the] living God, heavenly Jerusalem, and myriads of angels, 23 in general assembly, and the congregation of the firstborn who have been enrolled in the heavens, and God the Judge of all;

Ultimately “the congregation” becomes 144000 in completion:

(Revelation 14:1) And I saw, and, look! the Lamb standing upon the Mount Zion, and with him a hundred and forty-four thousand having his name and the name of his Father written on their foreheads.

In the meantime the anointed “body of the Christ” is “individually” distributed in many congregations globally as the actual divine authority in one “congregation of the firstborn” anointed body, with various gifts, for readjusting the members of that body, to accurately and truthfully preach to others to adjoin to Christ’s flock as “sheep”, in a divinely and scripturally prioritized system related to Christ first, then his anointed brothers (and sisters; Miriam portion of the true “body”; Micah6:4) next (Heb2:14) to administer the God given enlightenment through Christ “the head of the congregation” (Rev1:1; Eph5:23; Col1:18) to all the sheep and all the world, that is actually truth that must be activated by God in His time, to understand the scriptures and the times to ultimately warn of the culmination of temple judgment and the world judgment it leads to:

(2 Peter 1:19-21) Consequently we have the prophetic word [made] more sure; and you are doing well in paying attention to it as to a lamp shining in a dark place, until day dawns and a daystar rises, in your hearts. 20 For you know this first, that no prophecy of Scripture springs from any private interpretation. 21 For prophecy was at no time brought by man’s will, but men spoke from God as they were borne along by holy spirit.

(Revelation 1:1) A revelation by Jesus Christ, which God gave him, to show his slaves the things that must shortly take place. And he sent forth his angel and presented [it] in signs through him to his slave John

Now we know why the foretold 8th King impostors and “evil slave” “those leaving the holy covenant” develop together (Dan11:30-32; Dan8:11-14) to form a “man of lawlessness” and an “evil slave” to subvert the final truth “gradually given over” (Dan8:12) by subversions to foreign objectives, and thereby to also conceal temple judgment and Kingdom completion awareness “in the temple”, and why a temple judgment and desolation are required to account for lawlessness (Dan8:13) and to remove the lawlessness promoting obstacle actually trying to destroy the final Christian ministry, an obstacle now based at Bethel (and WTS) and led by their Governing Body of Trespassers;

The are now just a spiritually criminal corporation undermining the Christian ministry;

The Bethel Apostasy and Governing Body Man of Lawlessness in Modern Prophecy Fulfilling

The critical identification of the Bethel apostasy (Dan11:32) and the Governing Body as “man of lawlessness” (2Thess2:3) leading that apostasy with foretold 8th King ties is also made by God by prophecy as only one period of modern history fits all the criteria of this key prophetic sequence climaxing first in the foretold 3rd United Nations (of 4) placement of 1990, and the Bethel UN NGO co-promotions of that placement;

This pattern all comes to light following the signal “cold war” unique character (Dan11:29) as the UN NGO finalizing Daniel 8:13 “transgression causing desolation” is also defined in that collusive UN NGO Bethel “placement”, sealing the temple judgment (Dan8:14) key evidentiary indictment with Bethel’s UN NGO dedication (Dan11:30-31) while covering up (Dan8:12b) the actual prophetic significance;

Thus Bethel fulfills their role in Daniel 11:30-32 and Daniel 8:11-13 concurrently climaxing in 1990 approximate period, while becoming a United Nations organization, while fulfilling the prophecy, while they also cover it all up with erred interpretations continued now in obvious purposeful deception;

It is simply beyond coincidence for all those milestone events to fulfill, manifest and converge on Bethel for “no comment” as to prophecy, but UN co-promotions as to UN NGO all at the same time;

That signal Bethel UN NGO covenantal event aiding a UN placement after a third world war as “cold war” resolution climaxing into a prophetic (but uncommented) third global UN placement proclamation (Awake! 9/8/1991), announced by Bethel as UN NGO, but uncommented on as to prophetic significance, was the key development (along with concealing the 8th King as the actual King North of Daniel 11:27-45) identifying Bethel publicly as an infiltrated and treasonous anti-Christian entity fitting all the features of Daniel 8:11-14 and Daniel 11:30-32 in parallel manifestations with great signal evidence fitting the prophetic pattern details precisely;

They also conceal the four foretold placements of the United Nations continuing in prophecy 1-2-3-4 to Armageddon;

The Bethel and 8th King Pattern

8th King (King North) Collusion and Control of Bethel Apostates

(Daniel 11:30) . . .“And he (King North identical 8th King globalists) will actually go back and hurl denunciations against the holy covenant and act effectively (in a successful multi-faceted operation; Dan11:40-41); and he (King North (8th King) globalists) will have to go back and will give (unique Dan8:12a subversive) consideration to those leaving the holy covenant. (Post 1919-1922 Christian anointed at this time only Jehovah’s witnesses anointed);

Bethel Profaning Infiltration Fulfilling Daniel 11:41

(Daniel 11: 31a) And there will be (spiritual) arms that will stand up, proceeding from him (8th King/ King North globalists parallels Daniel 11:41 Bethel “invasion”; Luke 21:20); and they (8th King and “those leaving the holy covenant” team effort partnership) will actually profane the sanctuary (anointed temple condition (Zech3:3)), the fortress (organizational “established place”/”holy place”; Dan8:11, 13), and remove the constant [feature]. (compromised ministerial sacrifice in polluted condition (Mal1:5-8); “together with the constant feature” Dan8:12a);

Parallel Fulfillment Features of Daniel 8:11-12

(Daniel 8:11-12) And all the way to the Prince of the army it put on great airs, and from him the constant [feature] was taken away, and the established place (Bethel JW worldwide organization) of his sanctuary was thrown down. (fully at Dan8:13 “trampling”) And an (JW worldwide) army itself was gradually given over (to 8th King infiltrative control), together with the constant [feature] (imbibed with misinformation), because of transgression; (UN NGO and other sins permit allowance of the compromise by removed divine blessing and discernment while fulfillment of prophecy is effected for greater future purpose); and it kept throwing truth to the earth (cover up by interpretive deceptions), and it acted and had success. (Dan11:30 “act effectively” uniquely successful as a foretold 8th King engineered intelligence and subversion operation deployed through the Governing Body and placed Bethel agents);

Teamed 8th King and Bethel Placement of UN Disgusting Thing 1990

(Daniel 11:31b) “And they
(8th King and Bethel) will certainly put in place the disgusting thing that is causing desolation. (United Nations in  New World Order initiative 1990; with the Bethel “placement” as UN NGO 1991; Matt24:15); (Compare Daniel 8:13 “transgression causing desolation” to this termed “disgusting thing that is causing desolation” as they are related in Bethel transgression (Dan11:31b) leading to Bethel desolation (Dan8:13-14) soon as temple judgment required and temple desolation permitted for this critical transgression also marking “man of lawlessness” “set in opposition” activities of the foretold apostasy “in the temple”);

The Parallel 2Thessalonians 2:3 Bethel Apostasy By 8th King Lead

(Daniel 11: 32a) “And those who are acting wickedly against [the] covenant, he (8th King as King North) will lead into apostasy (fulfilling also 2Thess2:3) by means of smooth words.

The Temple Indictment Paralleling the UN NGO Transgression

(Daniel 8: 13) And I got to hear a certain holy one speaking, and another holy one proceeded to say to the particular one who was speaking: “How long will the vision be of the
(profaned) constant [feature] (of implied anointed JW ministerial offerings affecting all JWs) and of the transgression causing desolation (UN NGO alliance and co-promotions fulfilling Daniel 11:31b), to make both [the] holy place (temple “established place of the sanctuary”) and [the] (JW worldwide) army things to trample on?” (in 8th King first “attack” temple desolation “trampling” paralleling as context of Revelation 8:1-6);

The JW Temple Timed Judgment Requirement (of the Near Future)

(Daniel 8: 14) So he said to me: “Until two thousand three hundred evenings [and] mornings (1150 day minimum, possibly 2300 days); and [the] holy place will certainly be brought into its (temple fully cleansed) right condition.” (Temple purification completed in this time period parallel Zechariah 3:4-5, Revelation 8:1-5);

Evil Slave Must Be Removed

Now we have the foretold judgment that will result in and fully define the actual “faithful and discreet slave” designation by God and Christ, and it’s concurrent opposing “evil slave” development;

What also results from this foretold temple judgment is also the obviously required divine expulsion of the “evil slave” Bethel (and WTS) apostasy and it’s guiding “man of lawlessness” Governing Body; In this critical prophetic sequence fulfilling in marked manner since 1990, Bethel actually covers up the King North identity as the 8th King globalist system heading for the 4th of 4, and final United Nations placement at Daniel 11:45 triggering Armageddon in a required continuum of unbroken success (Dan11:36) as events in Daniel 11:30-32 must lead to Daniel 11:42-45 8th King culminating events continuously manifesting as 8th King developments to the end; Bethel asserts the now obvious failed USSR as a successful King North impossibility to serve other objectives “set in opposition” to actual events and truth defined in Daniel 11:27-45;

Bethel also covers up (Dan8:12b) the temple judgment requirement stemming from this UN NGO “transgression causing desolation” (Dan8:13), and instead promotes a premature ending cycle and attack mode as Daniel 11:44 deceptive interpretation, provided by the former erred interpretation of the USSR as “King North” “on hold” at Daniel 11:43;

This now obviously purposeful error retained at Bethel actually aids a great deception amongst Jehovah’s witnesses in a premature expectation of “Armageddon”, advanced too far in Daniel 11’s prophecy, to cover up the Daniel 8:13-14 temple desolation coming first, with a hoax interpretation aided by the Daniel 11:44 deceptively promoted expectation next, to cover up the guaranteed 8th King “trampling” (Dan8:13) in temple desolation, as that event will be made to look to JWs like “the end of the world” as per Daniel 11:44 leading to Daniel 11:45 – which is NOT what will really be developing;

Faithful Slave Blasphemy Undermines Foundational Bible Truth

Thus in addition to lawlessness already terminal at Bethel by it’s top leadership’s “gradual” and steady lawless promotions, we also now have Governing Body “new light” as they are “revealed” as the one and only, sole “faithful and discreet slave” as actually an apex blasphemy as an affront upon all anointed Christians, in effect an attack on Christ and God;

In addition to that apex blasphemy is the fact such a “new light” teaching is a major official step at actually undermining all Jehovah’s witnesses foundational truth because this Bethel “enlightenment” opens the way to redefine the entire significance of the 1914-1922 Kingdom birth and initial temple foundational judgment period as now meaningless in the identification of a true Christian anointed group of that time as a “faithful slave” meant to undertake the continued Christian commission continuing the “little scroll” and “two witnesses” full meanings onward past 1914-1918 to develop as a result of that initial temple foundational judgment and the ongoing Kingdom proclamation to develop from that appointment;

Though in minor form of what will repeat soon in final and major form, the Christian ministry of that time was inspected, judged, clarified, and sent forth with the Kingdom birth phase initial sovereign warning announcement defined in the Daniel 12:7 (1260 days), Daniel 12:11 (1290 days) and Daniel 12:12 (1335 days) timed prophetic periods that underlay the whole Revelation 8-11, Revelation 12, Revelation 13 and Revelation 15-16 preview fulfillments of that era; Thus modern apostate Bethel calling into question the central divine judgment’s main pronouncement in the divine messenger “two witnesses” class as parallel “faithful and discreet slave” designate of that time, will by implication call into question ALL anointed class symbolisms defined in that initial judgment, Kingdom birth and temple foundational period;

Then the temple truth undermining can get very explicit quickly, as the implied rationale is already present now;

In effect all significance will be converged into the Governing Body foreign entity as the ultimate meaning of all things they pick and choose to apply from now a bag of ambiguity further eroding an important foundational pattern that will repeat soon, to further undermine the recognition of and use of the initial prophetic patterns of Daniel 12 paralleling Revelation 8-11, already repeating in foretold lawlessness, to derail the application of that first foundational pattern to final pattern future events of the final completion final fulfillment major pattern, to conceal the temple judgment and the final prophetic period and it’s replication to finale;

This Governing Body equated to the “faithful and discreet slave” is like a crack in the foundation and a jackhammer to quickly continue to denude the truth of the temple foundational significance, and in effect attempt to create a new religion as a final confusion around this lawless center now fully drifting JWs into deeper and deeper apostate waters, and further and further away from the divine foundational truth as the anchor of true Christianity, with no up to date prophetic compass;

In this way final preparations are being made by apostate Bethel to toss JWs into the temple judgment and desolation completely lost and without reliable prophetic understanding to aid the attempted destruction of the entire Jehovah’s Witnesses worldwide organization and Christian ministerial basis, instead being misinformed to believe other prophetic developments of “the end” sequence are in action;

Final Deceptions and JW Set-Up

Although the temple judgment is soon, indicated by the initial revealing of the prophetic final apostasy and the modern “man of lawlessness”, now connected to a continuum of a final prophetic replication, and the abomination of the Governing Body is temporary and to be removed in the final part of the temple desolation of Daniel 8:14 “evening” phase, the Bethel apostasy will still attempt to create final damaging subversions and diversions to further bewilder and betray JWs in the temple judgment period of darkness; (Rev9 temple desolation “abyss” state of JWs); to also attempt to prevent and delay JW recovery;

And we see also the “man of lawlessness” will also create more apex blasphemous revelations and claims as they also attempt to spread the guilt further upon all JWs in a climax of planned lawless operations eventually decimated and or neutralized and removed by Christ after temple inspection (Zech3:1-3) leads to temple judgment (1Pet4:17 as Dan8:14 as Rev8:1-6) and desolation (Dan8:13; Rev9) in Christ’s actual temple entry (Mal3:1-4; Zech3:4-5; 2Thess2:8) to oversee the purification finalities (Zech3:6-9) to recover the final Christian ministry (Rev9-10; Dan8:14b) and proceed through Revelation 9-11 to the final world warning of Kingdom completion for final  deployment of the cleansed final “two witnesses” (Rev11);

Thus we can expect some final JW mental priming by Bethel to intensify key elements of the Bethel deceptions to “miraculously” manifest “as foretold” soon; But these things will actually be 8th King provided hoax and decoy elements developed in the world scene as those actual apostate lead planners (Dan11:30-32) help reinforce the central Bethel engineered illusions with real world events applied by Bethel to invalid prophecies out of sync with the actual final sequence to aid confusion of JWs and to cover up temple desolation significance as if it is Daniel 11:44 fulfilling enroute to an Armageddon that will not manifest at this time;

Coup-De-Grace – Foretold Bethel Betrayers

As an example, as per The Watchtower 11/15/2013 article “SEVEN SHEPHERDS, EIGHT DUKES—WHAT THEY MEAN FOR US TODAY” pg. 20; par. 17, this is the kind of cultured JW trust and organizational idolatry being promoted explicitly now, that indicates Bethel is promoting more set-up and means of dubious direction “at the proper time” to mislead JWs physically into 8th King hands in the coming final 8th King world war and tribulatory period to erupt quickly as the context of the temple judgment and desolation:

The [8th King] Watchtower 11/15/2013 statement:

Watchtower quote:

“”Elders who are reading this article can draw some useful conclusions from the account we have just considered:…

[And sandwiched into the admonishment:]

(3) At that time, the lifesaving direction that we receive from Jehovah’s organization may not appear practical from a human standpoint. All of us must be ready to obey any instructions we may receive, whether these appear sound from a strategic or human standpoint or not. “”

Meaning Bethel 8th King planners are certain of the arrival of “at that time”, and many “lifesaving directions” may appear naturally foolish, insane, dubious, dangerous and or foreboding, but JWs are to dismiss any faith in Jehovah and Christ, and any gut feelings of treachery or danger, and blindly follow duped and impostor elders, taking 8th King Bethel “instructions”, like angels of God, as if Bethel knows the guaranteed “lifesaving” outcome of all it’s “lifesaving direction”; THIS is already ludicrous, impractical, treacherously strategic and unsound “instruction”;

That particular Watchtower example of Daniel 11:32, 8th King directed “smooth words” re-emphasizes the apostate Bethel theme of subservience and faith towards the JW organization, not God or Christ with his “twelve legions of angels”, by use of JW organizational “those taking the lead” to “obey” in times of emergency certain to develop “soon”, “at that time” as Bethel’s collusion gives them 8th King future planning information;

The shill to accept this bait of obedience to the JW organization was primed by previous and final articles’ general organizational accolades then reinforced by applying the “seven shepherds” to congregational elders as a shill to accept this grand responsibility to direct their brothers to what will actually be 8th King traps globally, knowingly or unknowingly – and for the JWs to obey even foreboding and dubious appearing directives;

In effect the entire JW ministry since especially 1990 is actually a foretold apostasy consisting of plagiarized “smooth word” mental conditioning and a Bethel based undercover acting production of the “man of lawlessness” to pleasantly lull JWs into a temple desolation (Dan8:13-14 manifesting) for lawless Bethel conduct and alliances, while JWs are misled to believe “all is well, all is done!” and that it is the “end of the world” prelude development; (by misapplied Dan11:44-45; 1; 2);

Thus the positive and seemingly sincere veneer of Watchtower and Bethel dialogue conceals the true motive actually at work at Bethel, and is injected here and there with the needed mental controlling directives to aid the future 8th King JW incarceration campaign as many JWs will drive and “car pool” to their own prisons obeying “the lifesaving direction that we receive from Jehovah’s organization”, misled by the Bethel betrayers operating under the surface (Jude 4-13) of what is now an 8th King “organization”; (Dan11:41);

Instead it is the foretold JW temple judgment and removal of the JW and Bethel “weeds” beginning, not ending, the final prophetic cycle of Kingdom completion events concurrent with the 8th King’s final drive over Daniel 11:42-45 to the fourth and final UN placement just prior to Armageddon; (Dan12:11 (replicating) as Dan8:25 and Dan11:45);

Thus the Governing Body as the final “son of destruction” connection (2Thess2:3) to Zechariah 11’s “flock meant for the killing” prophetic parallel to Judas Iscariot the betrayer (Jon17:12; Zech11:12-13; Matt26:15), we see plainly the final foretold JW betrayal is also being set-up and reinforced beforehand in apostate Bethel organizational directives prior to the 8th King “trampling” of Daniel 8:13-14 temple judgment, occurring soon –  “at that time” – but certainly not as the deceptively promoted Daniel 11:44-45 actual final 8th King 4th UN world government finalizations taking some years to complete after temple judgment in the prophetic replication culminating to Armageddon, after a final world warning (Rev11:7);

This will be a tribulatory period that ends (Matt24:29-31), as Bethel is now attempting to impede the final world warning that will instead develop from these foretold events; In the meantime, these Bethel deceptions leave JWs vulnerable to Bethel led, 8th King serving JW “herding” events;

And this is why, in many evidentiary features (2Thess2:3-4; Dan11:30-35) and prophetically fitting patterns (Dan8:11-14) repeating in symphony (Matt24:15), the temple judgment to remove the lawless Bethel factions and it’s terminally corrupted foreign Governing Body is indicated and necessary now as foretold, and will develop and complete as the first well seen world signal of the coming of God’s Kingdom completion to develop in the final prophetic continuum activating Revelation 8-11 in this JW temple judgment starting event; (1Pet4:17);

After that judgment completes into foretold angelically aided recovery (Rev9), as a final “faithful and discreet slave” designation (Zech3:6-7) will be made to carry out the final world warning of Revelation 10-11 by those approved through the temple judgment as the whole anointed “body of the Christ” (5th trumpet) to effect a final truth and world Kingdom completion warning “invasion” by all earthly Christians (6th plague) affected, recovered and approved or returning through the temple judgment signal event, Armageddon will be the climax sovereign determination event of planet Earth’s rulership (Rev19:19-21), and universal rulership (Rev20:1-3) which imminent culmination will be aided by a detailed final prophetic replication explained prior to the climax; (Rev11:1-7);

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