GB “Man of Lawlessness” Reverse Engineered

Notes On “Man of Lawlessness” Manifestation fulfilling 2Peter 2:1-3; (2Thessalonians 2:3-4)

Jehovah’s Witnesses have the divine truth, they just do not know the divine truth after 1990 levels of understanding, and that is why “Man of Lawlessness” is in the JW organization;

Here is what we need to understand a little more clearly here, to not be fooled by the first predictable reaction;

Generally speaking the effect on you and many others created by these kinds of bad policies and contradictory developments is formulaic;

The lawless elements inside the Jehovah’s Witnesses organization are not making these errors “accidentally” or with “good intentions” or “lack of insight” into biblical principles as many imagine, and so they sense the utter hypocrisy and leave the JWs, or never join us;

These things are done on purpose to create these effects in other words; People cannot seem to see through this part of this  little illusion the XGB has going for quite some time now;


These stumbled and misled people is the exact intent of these XGB errors, these elements in JW org WANT you to abandon the source of truth, they want people making a linear reasoning, from point A error, to point B conclusion that it is all erred, no truth here, no need to look any further into, continue on in sin y’all;

That is how the “man of lawlessness” element cut JWs numbers from 14 million 1990 projection of real brothers, to today’s 7 million; The UN/NGO, Pedophile Protection Policies, shunning overkill and various hypocritical wafflings have stumbled literally tens of millions of people, in that percentage is the lost 7 million potential Jehovah’s witnesses who are now lost;

That is the kind of REAL bloodguilt the Governing Body is broadcasting on all witnesses, and how the bloodshed of ancient Israel in Hosea for example, applies today to the “Israel of God” whose “befouled garments” are very real before God; (Zech3:3);

And so many “apostates” as the apostate XGB likes to label them, are driven into more error by not reasoning past the first reaction, into seeing that Jehovah’s Witnesses have a “lawless one” element which was already foretold in the greater temple completion cycle to have to fully manifest to complete revelation as is now the case in the JW org;

And that will lead to the divine cleanout of the “temple” in the timed sequence of Daniel 8:11-14’s temple judgment to remove these masterfully deceptive and sly men from the entire organization of Jehovah’s Witnesses;

BUT, the JW org will go into the abyss of Revelation 9:1-4, as the “established place of the sanctuary”, the JW org, is “thrown down”; And that will occur with a globalist 8th King serving, two-horned-wildbeast globalist elite engineered MASSIVE world event around the approximate 2014 period;

In that period the “man of lawlessness” expert agency of diversion in the JW org can also take full advantage of the psychological 1914-2014 “temple centennial” to prematurely advance on JWs worldwide a “GT hoax” to also unfold with this massive event that will make 911 look like a minor event in comparison to what is in store to prepare the mentality of the world for WW4 and for the actual birth of the UN in full “New World Order” out of that decade long ensuing chaos;

BTG and other prophecies will be activating in a world context that no one will be able to deny, even the JW org will be checkmated, and the Watchtower will go into “silence” as Bethel goes down for a timed “desolation” due to UN and all these transgressions you are noting;

(Hosea 4:5-6) And you will certainly stumble in the daytime, and even a prophet must stumble with you, as at night. And I will put your mother to silence. 6 My people will certainly be silenced, because there is no knowledge. Because the knowledge is what you yourself have rejected, I shall also reject you from serving as a priest to me; and [because] you keep forgetting the law of your God, I shall forget your sons, even I.

So, if people realized that this is prophetic guarantee of “man of lawlessness” manifestations right “in the temple of the God” that would also see the “temple of the God” is assuredly now the Jehovah’s Witnesses Christian group, and will be made more emphatic to the point Jehovah and Christ will personally fry out the 1/3 taint from the Jehovah’s witnesses before the eyes of the whole world, whether they realize what this is leading to or not;

It is leading to the final cleansed commission of Jehovah’s witnesses anointed as the 1260 days of Revelation 11:2-7 complete in “7 times” as 2520 days, leading to the 144000 Christ manifestation of Matt24:29-31 after that final 1260 days;

And in time, that will develop to full Kingdom of Christ Armageddon conquest;

And that will be initially signaled by this JW 2300 “evening and morning” “throw down” of the JW organization as it takes a massive globalist worldwide broadsided and asleep at the wheel hit, allowed by God due to all these sins in the midst of the JW temple fulfilling Zech3:1-3, then the cleansing of the anointed temple priesthood of Zech3:4-9;

That is basically then a 1150 day signal with possible 1150 day recovery, an unknown transitionary prep JW recovery ministry which is the 7 trumpets paralleling the 7 bowls in 1-6, to the grand finale lead in to the 7th bowl and trumpet, with a 1260 day FINAL WARNING to the world in a short but sweet “little scroll” FINAL SOVEREIGN ULTIMATUM TO PLANET EARTH AND ALL IT’S PEOPLES  prior to the full Kingdom and Temple completion and the final conquest of Armageddon;

That is what JW manifest errors are signaling, NOT that the “temple of the God” is corrupt, but that certain JW leadership is the “man of lawlessness” we are told by prophecy to expect NOW;

And they are here in the “right hand of Joshua” (Zech3:1), aided by the Devil there and in 2Thess2:9 as the fraud Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses;

THAT is what people are seeing, and drawing the wrong conclusions, as “lawless one” expect them to do, to aid the stumbling of millions from covert media, the web, and this actual ministry of the “Sam Herd” Governing Body criminal cabal; As Paul said, “the mystery of this lawlessness” has been in operation in the JW org for years fulfilling Daniel 11:30;


The Jehovah’s Witness “abyssing” (Rev9:1-4; final fulfillment mode) temple cycle hit, will signal a whole series of final prophecy repeating exactly as it’s first fulfillment cycles of 1914-1918, and 1919-1922, BUT in the near future all the way to temple completion with plenty of warning for all to see, years of it in fact – years of WW4; (Satan will also pull a massive distraction period just like 1914-1918 at that highly significant period of Kingdom birth; That truth cannot be covered up;)

The globalist JW XGB will more than likely now develop the final groundwork in the JW mind for a premature decoy hoax mimic on that 1914-2014  “temple centennial” for the psychological effect they can spring on the JWs who are by and large, sitting ducks, in “befouled garments” that are REAL sins, deep sins, serious sins; (Zech3:3);

The sins of the Governing Body “man of lawlessness” and masterful operations of subversion;

But JWs will be the FIRST target as an organization and much of it will be covert; 1Pet4:17 will fulfill, and we all will know the bing bang boom when that hits the world proper as well; That will just be the next 10 year cycle of the globalists kicking off, as they checkmate the JW org, all set up from within, for this externally supporting MASSIVE world military event series unfolding eventually to full WW4;

This will drag on a number of years – but at least we will know what it all means right?; and at least some prophetic patterns will be well known in actual fulfilling activations that can be demonstrated LIVE AND REAL-TIME in all our lives God willing;

The 4 stands of globalist world government and image is a handy pattern to see, and that is why the JW xGB covers this up to the world and all poor misled JWs;

That’s how we know they must throw a WW4 to birth the NWO the final time;

The JW org hit will be in this preparatory period, and everyone will know when this manifests, because it has a timed prophetic sequence tied to it, for JW information, when it finally “dawns” on JWs what is going on, as per the “morning” of the 2300 evenings and morning period of at least 1150 days;

At least also, people do not have to wrestle with why the XGB does this, that and the other thing; They are the “man of lawlessness” revealed in the “temple of the God” real-time, prior to this judgment series replicating 1914-1918 complete with a World War 4 to boot;

THAT is what 2014 +/- will bring JWs and the world, a ten year trek to and through WW4 to the final “placement” of the “disgusting thing”, BUT this time along with a WHOLE 8th King, and WHOLE “Scarlet Wildbeast” New World Government over planet earth as Daniel 11:44-45 and Daniel 8:25 prepare to finalize in that “freedom of care” in the post WW4 “peace and security” prior to world depopulation mode of the deepest Great Tribulation cycle of Matt24:21-22 at the Matt 24:29-31 transition period as Christ’s Kingdom is ALSO manifesting live and real-time a period after that 1260 day final warning;


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