Bethel Open Letter – Acts 15 and the Illusion of the Governing Board of Directors

How the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society “Board of Directors” Became the Delusional “Governing Body” Not Actually Found in the Bible;

An Analysis of Acts 15:1-33

First off I have been in the Jehovah’s witnesses organization for 30 years of observed evolutions; I am not telling Jehovah’s Witnesses to leave the truth, it is here, but that is also why the “man of lawlessness” has had to develop in this context as well to be “set in opposition” in plain sight and operations; (2Thess2:3-12)

[Things have changed:

JWs – FLEE The JW Org!! – Matthew24:15


All I am telling Jehovah’s Witnesses and the world is to expect a heavy preliminary judgment of Jehovah’s Witnesses “temple” and the complete desolation of the worldwide organization “established place” soon, as the Governing Body will be removed in that cleansing and will actually aid this desolation and fraud, and God will recover the ministry for the final world warning in the YEARS to follow this action commencement of Daniel 8:11-14 parallel with Zechariah 3 and Malachi 3:1-5;

Our vow is to Jehovah through Christ, not the Watchtower or Governing Body, keep that in mind and their adjustment and spiritual termination respectively, is good news – the final cycle of temple prophecy is ALREADY beginning to repeat; 

If you are interested in Jehovah’s Witnesses for bible truth, you have found it, but modern Governing Body infused errors are present as well; In their coming expulsion more valid truth is actually on the way when this fraudulent group is removed, but there WILL be a heavy preliminary storm on the Jehovah’s Witnesses organization, BUT it is not the “Great Tribulation” terminal phase but the temple tribulatory phase (tribulation of those days; Matt24:29), it is a temple disciplinary judgment in the Israel pattern; (Dan8:11-14; Hos1:4-7; Zech3:4-7)

It will be severe as per Daniel 8:13.


As an introduction, this analysis of the situation at Acts 15:1-33 will demonstrate clearly the following:

1. There is no term “governing body” in Acts; (or the bible for that matter);

2. There is no term or implied “governing” nor the term “body” in Acts 15; That “body” is implied and included the apostles, older men, and the congregation in Jerusalem – the “older men” are just that, “the older men”; Period; (Acts15:4)

3. The root cause of the need for a consultation with the apostles, “older men” and congregation of Jerusalem was made necessary due to persons from that very “body” causing dissension to other congregations with erred teachings; (Acts 15:1, 5, 24)

4. The apostles Paul, Barnabas, Peter and James “governed” the resolution of the accurate reinforced teaching logic and details of the “unanimous accord” that the collective group, apostles, “older men” and congregation of Jerusalem came to be in agreement with;

5. This was not because of the actions or rationale “older men” noted anywhere in this record, but because of the  rationale of the apostles quoted in the Acts 15 record which all unanimously came to be in agreement with because of the apostles logic and intervention into this supposed “body’s” own errors; The implied “governing body” are the source of the chaos, NOT the governance;

6. There is no Biblical record of any such thing as a “governing body” doing any “governing” as any “body” in Acts 15, in fact members from that implied “body” is what caused the potential divisional problems in the first place, and needed to be corrected by the apostles individually, one after the other; (Acts15:7, 12, 13)

7. The apostle James made the final singular decision that all came to be in agreement with; (Acts 15:19)

(Acts15: 19 (Apostle James:) Hence my decision is not to trouble those from the nations who are turning to God)

8. Thus the final decision in this Acts 15 matter of circumcision requirement or not, was not a collective action, but an apostolic action, and not a “older men” directive but a collective agreement of ALL, the apostles, the congregation and the older men; (Acts 15:22-25)

Biblical Reality and a Deceptive Illusion

A. The word “governing body” is actually a commonly used secular corporate term meaning “board of directors” or “board of governors” for institutional or corporate oversight; In this case of the Governing Boy of Jehovah’s Witnesses which are governing a corporation there is no dispute they are a “governing body”

B. The Bible disputes the claims of the “Governing Body” as to any actual true spiritual authority as there is no such thing in Acts 15, the term “governing body” is not in the Biblical text and is merely superficially attached to an erred deceptively interpreted “authoritative”, “administrative” and “legislative” completely contrived context in Acts 15 that simply never existed in the first place when we read the account;

C. This illusion is created and injected continuously from incept of the erred concept, to appear as if it is a Bible teaching and record, plainly shown in Acts 15 to not even be remotely true (but easily contrived by the context), and actually must be a deceptive tactic to create the illusion of this credibility from the Bible that honestly, upon close examination and reasoning from the scriptures, is NOT present as any such “governing body” entity;

D There is just no such thing in the Bible, the “Governing Body” might as well apply themselves to the Sanhedrin, because that body more closely resembles the needed abusive authority the Governing Body is seeking and has idolatrously assumed over Jehovah’s Witnesses for corporate purposes as part of the ulterior motive; Money and power;

E. And they must fulfill modern prophecy leading to the temple cleansing of Malachi3:1-5 at temple completion, as the temple foundation cycle is a minor fulfillment; What is coming will shake the Jehovah’s Witnesses organization to complete desolation; (Dan8:11-14) for serious, willful and gross sins radiating from this subtle but powerful development;

F. In fact the implied “body” in this context was the opposite, divided (Acts15:5)  and ungoverned and needed apostolic guidance and authoritative governance from the apostles, not the “older men”, to be put back on the track of truth;

G. Paul and Barnabas, apostles, went to Jerusalem to set the apostles there and the “older men” straight regarding the settlement of the teachings causing dissension that arose from the immediate sectarian context of that so-called “governing body” forming doctrinal chaos;

H. The “older men” and the rest merely agreed with the apostolic decision that they did not themselves make;

The Main Associative Deception of the Governing Body Pretext

1. That is the Acts 15 context that the Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses is attempting to establish the grounds of spiritual authority from; The corporate authority is not the dispute also causing dissension here by obvious association, it is the falsified impression of spiritual precedent that does not exist that Acts 15 itself, the very basis of the “Governing Body” claims, shows as a false and deceptive teaching;

A. That teaching gives the “Governing Body” a spiritual illusion of power over the source of their wealth the flock; They are fleecing the sheep in effect, under the pretext of Biblical authority;

B. In reality God has been able to use this arrangement successfully until now it has corrupted to the point of a known divine judgment that must terminate the spiritual authority of the “Governing Body”;

C. God has no judgment on secular corporate bodies that may emerge from this desolation of the Jehovah’s Witnesses worldwide organization, but in the future after temple cleansing for real, it never can assume any spiritual authority as that secular corporate “body” is now fraudulently self-assuming; (Fulfilling 2Thessalonians 2:3-12 (Zechariah 3:1-3) in the meantime in 2Corinthians 11:13-15 fraud “superfine apostle” mode which will be removed from such a spiritual heist soon – that is the truthful reality of Jehovah’s Witnesses today)

The Analysis of Acts 15:1-33

(Acts 15:1-33) 

Here is the very cause of the situation recorded in Acts 15:

And certain men came down from Judea and began to teach the brothers: “Unless you get circumcised according to the custom of Moses, you cannot be saved.” 

Error is the original impetus, that originated from the alleged location in Jerusalem proper, of this collective: ” apostles and older men in Jerusalem”;

Apostolic Intervention 1

2 But when there had occurred no little dissension and disputing by Paul and Barnabas with them, they arranged for Paul and Barnabas and some others of them to go up to the apostles and older men in Jerusalem regarding this dispute. (Note: A dispute originating from the alleged locational context of the alleged “governing body”;

3 Accordingly, after being conducted partway by the congregation, these men continued on their way through both Phoenicia and Samaria, relating in detail the conversion of people of the nations, and they were causing great joy to all the brothers.

4 On arriving in Jerusalem they were kindly received by the congregation and the apostles and the older men, and they recounted the many things God had done by means of them.

The Source of Division of the Original Error from Jerusalem

5 Yet, some of those of the sect of the Pharisees that had believed rose up from their seats and said: “It is necessary to circumcise them and charge them to observe the law of Moses.”

The Consultation

6 And the apostles and the older men gathered together to see about this affair.

Apostolic Rationale 1

7 Now when much disputing had taken place, Peter rose and said to them: “Men, brothers, you well know that from early days God made the choice among you that through my mouth people of the nations should hear the word of the good news and believe; 8 and God, who knows the heart, bore witness by giving them the holy spirit, just as he did to us also. 9 And he made no distinction at all between us and them, but purified their hearts by faith. 10 Now, therefore, why are you making a test of God by imposing upon the neck of the disciples a yoke that neither our forefathers nor we were capable of bearing? 11 On the contrary, we trust to get saved through the undeserved kindness of the Lord Jesus in the same way as those people also.”

Apostolic Rationale 2

12 At that the entire multitude became silent, and they began to listen to Barnabas and Paul relate the many signs and portents that God did through them among the nations.

Apostolic Rationale 3

13 After they quit speaking, James answered, saying: “Men, brothers, hear me. 14 Symeon has related thoroughly how God for the first time turned his attention to the nations to take out of them a people for his name. 15 And with this the words of the Prophets agree, just as it is written, 16 ‘After these things I shall return and rebuild the booth of David that is fallen down; and I shall rebuild its ruins and erect it again, 17 in order that those who remain of the men may earnestly seek Jehovah, together with people of all the nations, people who are called by my name, says Jehovah, who is doing these things, 18 known from of old.’

Apostolic Decision not a “Governing Body”

19 Hence my decision is not to trouble those from the nations who are turning to God, 20 but to write them to abstain from things polluted by idols and from fornication and from what is strangled and from blood. 21 For from ancient times Moses has had in city after city those who preach him, because he is read aloud in the synagogues on every sabbath.”

A Resolution was Reached

22 Then the apostles and the older men together with the whole congregation favored sending chosen men from among them to Antioch along with Paul and Barnabas, namely, Judas who was called Barsabbas and Silas, leading men among the brothers; 23 and by their hand they wrote: “The apostles and the older men, brothers, to those brothers in Antioch and Syria and Cilicia who are from the nations: Greetings!

A Unanimous Accord was Reached

24 Since we have heard that some from among us have caused you trouble with speeches, trying to subvert your souls, although we did not give them any instructions, 25 we have come to a unanimous accord and have favored choosing men to send to you together with our loved ones, Barnabas and Paul, 26 men that have delivered up their souls for the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

27 We are therefore dispatching Judas and Silas, that they also may report the same things by word. 28 For the holy spirit and we ourselves have favored adding no further burden to you, except these necessary things, 29 to keep abstaining from things sacrificed to idols and from blood and from things strangled and from fornication.  If you carefully keep yourselves from these things, you will prosper. Good health to you!” 

“Governing Body” Error Subverts the Message

And so the very idolatry warning of this message has been subverted by the very sanctification robbing idol (Zech5) that the “Governing Body” has become, subtly, over time, as that occurrence has to have a reasoning behind it and that is to seize apostolic authority and prophetic authority after that, for a “rule by committee” illusion of authority which can be subtly subverted over time and is actually for corporate control of the corporate source of wealth;

“Governing Body” Is a Biblically Lawless Body

In effect the “man of lawlessness” “body” was “already at work” from the inception of this “governing body” concept (1940s), to it’s seizure of authority (1976) as merely a new Biblically implied, but not actual, actually a label for a corporate “board of directors”;

This has been subtly applied to the bible by a worldly term “governing body” that does not exist in the bible in whole or in part in relation to such a spiritually authoritative divine collective but has been borrowed from worldly corporate jargon and externally applied upon the Biblical term “older men” without restraint of the actual Biblical record;

30 Accordingly, when these men were let go, they went down to Antioch, and they gathered the multitude together and handed them the letter. 31 After reading it, they rejoiced over the encouragement. 32 And Judas and Silas, since they themselves were also prophets, encouraged the brothers with many a discourse and strengthened them. 33 So, when they had passed some time, they were let go in peace by the brothers to those who had sent them out.


1. Now that the “Governing Body” experiment has failed, but the “man of lawlessness” has prevailed, the further modes of reproach (2Pet2:1-3) and “son of destruction”; (2Thess2:3-4) will manifest as this is now revealing publicly in terminal blasphemy “sitting down” “in the temple of the God” as per prophecy; (2Thess2:3-12)

2. This means the “sudden” arrival of Christ to the temple for the completion cycle, (Mal3:1-5), which must repeat the temple foundation cycle in the near future, will catch Jehovah’s witnesses in various forms of “organizational”, “slave” and “governing body” idolatries now converging into one “hidden in plain sight” Bethel triune idol;

3. This organizational “Golden Three-headed Calf” is in historic public worldwide union with the massively reproachful United Nations organizational identity that this so-called “governing body” has officially installed at Bethel as the promotional “New World Order” co-proclaimers of Daniel 11:31 from 1991-2001 to the present time in spirit, joining as a “governmental body”, the “Israel of God” as a member of the United Nations “Disgusting Thing”;

4. And that is the main “transgression causing desolation” of Daniel 8:11-14 and the Zechariah 3 “garment befouling” of priesthood identity led by this sinner Governing Body, along with many supporting deviations and damaging sinful policies causing the truth to be spoken of abusively, that the ‘Governing Body of the Man of Lawlessness’ has promoted in broad daylight, without shame, remorse or restraint in the midst of the Jehovah’s Witnesses globally;

5. They WILL be terminated shortly from spiritual masquerade, but that will be very severe and must have traumatic developments on the Jehovah’s Witnesses worldwide organization as foretold at Daniel 8:11-14, Zechariah 3:4-7 and Hosea 1:4-7;

If you want to know the REAL state of Bethel in God’s eyes, read the WHOLE book of Hosea; THAT is what is coming on us Jehovah’s Witnesses for 20 years of United Nations related and other sinning allowing this “man of lawlessness” “Governing Body” a free reign of actual spiritual disaster; (Dan8:12 is Dan11:30-31)

25 thoughts on “Bethel Open Letter – Acts 15 and the Illusion of the Governing Board of Directors

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  8. I have been rejected by the body of elders from day one when I moved in the congregation 6 years ago…my husband stepped down as we were having demonic attacks in our lives …. they elders involves had always complains about what I said: ” why did your wife said she will pray for me…or keep me in her prayers one said” accusation of abandoning my bible studies….one elder said to a sister to a sister I was wrong and there is nothing wrong to have images, idols etc in her house…then the attacks got more frequent as soon as I became a regular pioneer…the circuit overseer told me to stop pioneering as I was very poorly because of al those weird things happening to us..I knew from then they are demons anog them…now I am at home better only since my husband step down for our protection after many prayers to Jehovah we knew from then the organasation was contaminated…made some research and find YOU….No wonder they called apostate those who knows what they up to…

    • Yes things are such that Satan and the demons are basically the “Governing Body” (Zech3:1; 2Thess2:9) and as such are foretold to be successful at this defection and infiltration operation. But as this divine permission of such subversions eventually reaches the limits of Daniel 8:14, the core issues actually covered up by modern Bethel will of course become the first chapter of the valid prophetic explanation. And it’s UN globalist objectives since 1990 3rd UN placement concealment actually starting Daniel 11:30-45 as the 8th King = King North that leads to the final UN placement of the Daniel 11:42-45 final phase activating at that time MUST of course also be made known.

      Events of the near future and the impartial JW organizational desolation (Dan8:13) permitted by God will of course also become HUGE world news for those tracking JWs as valid or lawless, and the true explanation already contained in the prophecy must also come forth, and it will have the needed world attention to have quite a story to tell from valid prophecy.

      Thus what God is doing will HIGHLIGHT, rather than obscure the actual globalist 8th King and Messianic Kingdom issues actually at the heart of this Bethel apostasy. So too, since even GB inception of 1976, but especially in the 1990 UN NGO, Bethel has progressively been a conduit for UNHOLY spirit as per Malachi, God of course has suspended blessing upon the organization. And thus the 2Cor11:13-15 “transformation” of the JW collective body by it’s collective corrupted GB “body” is also growing colder due to “increasing of lawlessness”, and the effect is felt by those capable of ascertaining that an “operation of error” is what is at work.

      Of course promoting the UN lie as UN NGO is of serious consequence, and thus 2Thess2:1-12 is now active in JWs as an organizational whole, and as per Daniel 11:32-35 it tests Christians as to who “are knowing their God” as per Daniel 11:32b, as not all JWs will be disapproved as a result of these “wormwood” developments of modern Bethel deceptions; (Rev8:10-12);

      God permits this for a signal and basis of INITIAL judgment that must use JWs first as a world signal that the temple judgment on JWs first as per 1Pet4:17, WILL lead to all of Revelation 8-11 continuing in final fulfillment over the final cycle which is what is actually beginning, not ending, and goes on for some years.

      Subtly Bethel has placed the org and GB as intermediaries to the sheep, rivaling Christ’s position, and the aiding position (NOT intermediary, but aids only) of the “body of the Christ” which is NOT the “Governing Body” add-on, human invented, super-imposed, non-Biblical counterfeit Bethel papacy “set in opposition” to all divine truth and provisions.

      Thus the reality is between God and us is Christ – period. An organization, or “body of the Christ” remnant, congregation would merely be an aid as long as it remained pure. In the case of Revelation 8:10-11 manifesting modern Bethel and the GB and the organization they corrupt, that “aid” is now an enemy system cleverly hidden under the veneer of the 1940’s JW ministry. So as per Matthew 24:15 fleeing Jerusalem disgusting thing UN NGO environment is returning to ma basic Christ intermediatorial sacrificial access for any human on earth with faith in that sacrifice whether covered in covenant as well, or merely by the comprehensive sacrifice; (1Jon2:2) In ANY event, we cannot leave the basic truth Christ ALONE is access to God for believers. Now we see why organizations and congregation must be constantly assessed as to their ACTUAL spiritual state. NEVER can we allow an Adamic human, group, or organization to take Christ’s place in that access point and person to God provided by a perfect non-Adamic, but last-Adamic blood and body sacrifice.

      And if we wait on God, now revealing his intent as usual to judge JW “house of God” FIRST, as per 1Peter4:17, we will know prophecy already contains the whole story of truth to come forth from the Bethel contamination. We can exercise faith in undeserved kindness, because Bethel “establishing their own righteousness” inspires a works attitude of self-approval and competes with sacrificial reality that by UNDESERVED kindness we stand by God’s power, Christ’s sacrifice and our “all earnest effort” to be cooperative with that spirit of undeserved kindness “leading [us] to repentance”, we can be refreshed by a reality of forgiveness that “hours in service” could only complement not empower. And given our knowledge of lies now present in the JW ministry, we may seek Bible studies out of te current jeopardized organization. True, JWs have the basics, hut the deepest meanings of Daniel and Revelation are now being subverted, and te “constant feature” now features hidden meanings and UN organizational references for promotions and JWs now teach full error concerning Daniel 8 and 11 and the King North identity as USSR, when in fact from Daniel 11:30 forward, King North is all 8th King final 3rd and 4th UN placement developments as Bethel went UN NGO at 1990 UN 3rd placement.

      This is why the modern JW system sanctifies itself in opposition to undeserved kindness and allows people to beat themselves over organizational self-righteous issues tat are non-issues when covered by actual faith in undeserved kindness. Bethel is a gnat straining abomination hampering the ministry as much as possible under pretexts of approval that are merely self-approval by now vain organizational rituals and traditions as in Jerusalem, rendering the world of God invalid in the process.

      Keep praying through Christ and have faith in God and Christ alone, and worship only God Almighty Jehovah and they will open the scriptural final meanings to full progressive understanding as that must in time lead into a final CLEAN witnessing of Messianic Kingdom reality. The WHOLE current and future Christian condition is ALREADY outlined in the final fulfillment actualities or principles of all the prophets in the final cycle actually signaled by the final Bethel form of lawlessness that ALWAYS as preceded a divine judgment made known before, during and after that time.

      As usual God will judge His own people FIRST (1Pet4:17) to get world attention as to where that judgment is leading and the whole world judgment it is picturing well before that whole world judgment of Armageddon completes.

      Kingdom Come: The Final Revelation is the Final Replication of Prophecy

      We just need patience, all things shall unfold as already written and fulfilled once in preview form, to the final reality of the near future.

      And yes searching for apostates outside the temple walls aids concealment for those “in the temple”. (Dan11:32a = 2Thess2:3)

  9. I could tell that they were the governing Body leaders…too much cruelty among the elders and some of the members attacking eachother just because the humble ones love Jehovah and they are trying to stop us..Thank you for this communication by the way…Jehovah is directing me to people like yourself to give us hope and strengths..Yes I have searched for all so called Apostates that we not supposed to talked to ..and find out that they are all victims of ill treatment and left too..willingly or expelled..Thank you for all this explanation my dear Brother. Yes have been very aware of the false stories given to the Witnesses for years in the watchtower and the way we little sheep have to to this or that but as for the elders we should obey and worship weather they are right or wrong..but I wanted to act as a mole in order to help those victims in the congregation, so many of them were encouraged by me in the ministry, so many started to come to meeting because of the Love my husband and I shown to them..but we were exposing ourselves I knew the attack will come soon..then as soon as I became a pioneer, Bang!!! One elder spreader lies about me, then I realized that my hands at the meeting was never taken for 5 years then Jehovah made me stronger through that so I stopped caring as I know what Ephesians 6:12 says: ” We haave a westling, not against blood and flesh….but against the goverments, against the authorities, against the world rulers of this darkness, against the wicked forces in the heavenly places”..So I smiled and laughed even louder after the meeting with some members..and helped some who stopped going to the meeting to come back…but they too eventually turned on me aahhh yes I am laughing now but it did hurt at first……and because nothing was making me weak I suppose the only thing for those wicked spirit forces to do is to give me panic attacks and great fear of the outside world which is all the opposite of my character. This lasted for two years..till recently 2014..The final blow my dear Brother was my husband kept going to the meeting except me…as we wanted confirmation from Jehovah we doing the right thing…then the last 5 month Jehovah slowly made sure that we leave…fleee….Matthew 24:15…as my husband started to act very unlovingly towards me..after a lot of shouting and prayer to Jehovah and shouting at my husband too for his disrespectful attitude towards me…lol….I knew we had to completely..leave the congregation…WE FINALLY DID…Now its like we are born again as the scriptures says….the gift of the holy spirit that Jesus promessed true christian has cleaned both of us from this evil presence in our house and body…I had to throw all their books too as everytime I was reading I was having another panic attack and shaking..I knew the organization was contaminated but as they say I had to push and push till I became a pioneer to be part of the body to know fully the whole it all make sense, Jehovah has saved both of us…even when we asked our record card they refused to announced our departure to the congregation and lied by saying we needed to find a congregation first…which we not… anyway….then my husband received a call from both elders as one was supposedly witnessing the call..” are you desassociating yourself”…my husband said..” said No”..then the elsder asked ” is there anything we can do? ..he replied ” no”….hypocrites more like…FAKE..But why would they want to give us this last call? aahhh well they maybe not used to members like us…lol..we have changed our telephone numbers too…as we know that with effort Jehovah rewards..Now we are much happier brother and feel cleaned a feeling that we never felt before even after baptism…Bible reading we do once week and many prayers and personal studies with just the bible no other books as we do not want those vibes anymore….I am looking at every website about this infiltration and with Jehovah’s help I feel like I am still active in Jehovah’s work even if we don’t go from door to door anymore….does that make sense?

    • Your welcome as we thank God and Christ for IDing lawless Bethel right on time.

      And yes it makes sense you have an adjusted, but valid new ministry now, because what is just signaling lawlessness again in the Kingdom ministry, typified by post first century Christendom “infiltration” for over 1000 years, and a re-corrupted “reformation” attempt, is now being made known because it is going to mean a judgment now on the last place a clarified Kingdom message completed, as IBSA and early JWs did expose also 2 UN manifestations as prophecy.

      That is very important because like the 1914-1918 verification of the Daniel 12 preview, the League of Nations did make a rival world sovereignty statement that Christendom endorsed and still endorses WHILE the Messianic Kingdom foundation phase also made a sovereign proclamation. JWs held fast to the second UN placement of 1945, but after that time the 1990 UN “new world order” 3rd placement after the “cold war” was lost.

      By that time GB overrun Bethel since 1976 instead joined the UN as UN NGO, like their Christendom UN endorsing sister harlot, and that marks a derailment of a JW ministry that was once tracking UN and Kingdom development parallels. Thus the Daniel 11:30-45 3rd (Daniel 11:31b) and 4th (Daniel 11:45) UN placements are now covered up by Bethel as King North identification as 8th King is masked by the impossible USSR now purposeful error.

      As the USSR dissolved and Russia essentially “cold surrendered” to the UN elites to join them, Bethel saw such a milestone as not significant. In fact they know it was significant but they are 8th King allies to the core, and cover this up as now all professed Christianity in organized form, ALL of it now, endorses the UN one way or another. Since Christ is not coming to join the UN 8th King but to conquer him, it is important to understand future events will attempt to get all the world to follow the UN in grand fashion.

      So a JW ministry that has the basics, but dropped the UN exposure ball of prophetic commentary since 1945 by 1990 fully, is of course also an invalid ministry in it’s deepest cover up of actual Daniel 8 and 11 details.

      So your understanding this personally means your ministry is valid and exposes this truth as the JW ministry even though having basic truths, is now compromised in UN cover up and is profaned in God’s sight.

      But as reality is Christ is access to God and the Bible aids that faith, really an “organization”, just like the Jewish system of old, is only valid if it actually aids, not competes as an intermediary to God that ONLY Christ is PERSONALLY, PERSON TO PERSON, between a person having faith and desired obedience, in spite of sin and imperfection, to God Almighty.

      That basic truth is obscured by Bethel, as they “establish their own righteousness”, gradually and cleverly inserting themselves as mediators above Christ, between JWs and God – of course a total delusion – in ANY event, Christ assesses a person individually, but has used apostles and congregations to aid the process of faith support as long as it is true and valid.

      But now Bethel is just another profaned (Zech3:1-3) invalid “aid” now, and really it is pointing to the FACT a completed Messianic Kingdom is the ONLY true “organization” infallible to come for sheep soon. So another Christian transition to a final “aid” to get to that Kingdom completion is what must replace the Bethel system however God does that, it will be very clear as to the final 3rd and 4th UN placements as Daniel 11:42-45 is the last 8th King sovereign events to AGAIN (Rev10:11) lead to a Messianic Kingdom sovereign statement at the same time, as in 1914 WW1 to 1919 UN League of Nations, AGAIN on the Daniel 12 pattern in final form in the near future.

      Daniel 8:13-14 REQUIRES from God a JW organizational judgment “trampling” desolation for the UN NGO signal “transgression causing desolation” as a divinely permitted coming 8th King desolation of the JW worldwide org as Daniel 11:42-43 activates in world financial compromise meaning leading to 8th King world wealth control.

      That means you and I now, and many later, will see this take place, but do not want to get caught in JW “Jerusalem” for that UN NGO judgment as Bethel aids 8th King JW capture and JW ministerial cessation for a profaned “constant feature”. It means Bethel lawlessness will not go unjudged, and the 8th King UN undercovers at Bethel KNOW this and want to use that period of Daniel 8:13 “evening” darkness to take advantage of that bewilderment to try to cease the JW ministry permanently, for 8th King objectives, and that will signal the start of the tribulatory cycle.

      But God will instead recover and explain the final cycle to result from this temple purification to found the final CLEAN ministry of coming Messianic Kingdom completion. And since it is an 8th King activation of Daniel 11:42-45, the 8th King, like in WW1, will use overall global tribulation to found his own final drive to UN placement 4 (Dan11:45; 12:11) amidst a world distraction again, away from Kingdom reality to try to cover up that final warning of it all repeating to final form.

      How God and Christ do this is yet to be seen, that they will do it is guaranteed, because once the UN completes it’s 4th placement as world government, the real end is coming, for then a stated world sovereign rival (1Thess5:1-3), actually in existing full 8th King operation is what Christ is coming to conquer when that 8th King actually completes.

      Hence God and Christ MUST empower a final warning, for this is the true end cycle leading to actual Armageddon war phase. Until that reality is the JW Christian message, JWs will continue to falter, and in the meantime us becoming aware of this, we already have a valid ministry that MUST turn into the final Revelation 10-11 “little scroll” and “two witnesses” FINAL Kingdom warning as God will clarify and recover approved JWs and all returning to a ministry that MUST repudiate the current Bethel conditions that MUST be removed (Zech3:4-5) to carry out a final ministry in whatever form God purposes to be revealed as Bethel goes down.

      We need patience – that whole judgment, desolation, purification, recovery, redeployment, final 1260 day final warning, and final 8th King attack some years later as Revelation 11:1-7 as a cleansed final “little scroll” final Kingdom warning ministry will take the Daniel 8:14 and Daniel 12:7 time periods to unfold. The Christian ministry is not over as JWs are deluded to believe, the final phase climax of it all will just be getting started with the Bethel desolation of Daniel 8:13-14, that will activate Revelation 8-11 in final fulfillment that MUST lead into that final Kingdom warning of Revelation 9 final fulfillment recovery “abyss” of temple desolation and judgment “opening” and merging into Revelation 10-11 final “two witnesses” deployment of the Kingdom proclamation FINAL “little scroll” to Christ’s actual Messianic Kingdom completion and arrival as the final reality to conquer the 8th King globalized rival world government permanently.

      So just keep accessing Christ DIRECTLY to God, study Bible and prophecy, pray, preach on the web, etc, and rely on God, Christ and holy spiritual power to guide you and stay aware of this reality unfolding now. There is no way, like apostate Jerusalem of old, that Bethel is getting away with this brazen lawlessness and reproach and UN allegiance and prophetic subversion. Expect a JW judgment and do NOT get caught in that organization when it implodes as per prophecy – it will be unmistakable and a great initial signal of more to follow.

      God bless you in Christ, keep getting stronger in true faith in Christ and God undeserved kindness direct access by him to God Almighty, It is Bethel that “can end any day now”, not the overall world system heading into Daniel 11:42-45 over this final cycle connecting to Daniel 12 final fulfillment live and real-time, year over year all outlined in prophecy already, prophecy concealed by lawless Bethel.

      Another “ten” “virgin” judgment is due. Everything repeats in final form now, even Bethel’s UN allied lawlessness is itself a repeating principle signaling guaranteed judgment first; (1Pet4:17 as Dan8:13-14 as Rev8:1-6);

  10. Amazing my dearest Brother, I got my bible study out in time then, as she too was realising that all the hate that I was getting from the congregation did not make sense. Now we both thrown away all their literature. She said to me today: ” I feel closer to Jehovah without those books who felt contaminated”… I looked at a few U tube and other website of Brothers who left the organisation …which confirmed that some X Bethelites saw the corruption at Bethel, drinking, mind controlling attitude of the leaders over the little sheep. Those Brothers or sisters have left the organisation too like you and I.

    The problem that I have is some close friends of mine are trying to contact me but I changed my phone numbers for protection…I can’t warn them as they wont believe me…as you know its a tough one. I am praying so that Jehovah open their eyes. I did not disassociated myself as none of what we’ve been taught I was valid anyway in Jehovah’s eyes as you said it is a channel to get to the true God Almighty Jehovah and develop a close relationship with Christ..then when that relationship is so strong …our heart and eyes can see the corruption in the Bethel, GB and Congregation…if they want to desfollowship us ..let them do it..but how can I warn my close friends? I know I better not…if they want to know they will have to find me they know where I live..even if we don’t live in the territory. I am reading all of your blog and realise that you have been used by the holy spirit to do this valid ministry like, and many others too..Now How can we warn our friends in the congregation without being caught?

    • Since it is prophecy based, we can only try to explain the seemingly random lawlessness is actually connected to prophecy actually fulfilling now that leads to a judgment. And the judgment on JWs, like the Revelation 8 microcosm “earth” is a foregleam of what will lead to the foretold final arrival of Christ and final judgment of the whole world.

      This signal is something that will relate irreversibly to were this next ten years is headed as already outlined in the Daniel 12 initial fulfillment. No matter what some may say, as this lawlessness calls into question the ENTIRE JW ministry to some people, in spite of that a true and valid Messianic Kingdom warning did go forth as a UN first manifestation ALSO made a sovereign claim of developing world government, and it did unfold in 1914 as WW1 lead to a resolution leading to that League of Nations presentation that a Kingdom proclamation of 1260 days did in fact also lead to prior to that first 8th King identification affirming.

      NO WAY is all that just made up, even the globalist first unique first international governmental basis forum “image” appeared for the first time since Genesis 11 developments 4000 years ago, on the world scene. Thus so not be fooled, a League of Nations birthing of a world government as a globablist unique world power even in development is NOT insignificant, it is greatly significant also as to where that must lead in this fourth cycle of completion amidst another tribulation to birth a final 8th King world government.

      We cannot let Bethel lawlessness and seemingly total invalidity of the historic whole make us lose sight of that hugely significant era in world history starting in 1914 as also a unique global war as if it means nothing a Kingdom proclamation, now world known to a great degree, also came forth. THAT is the foundational truth the Bethel “lawless one” is trying to undermine and is very successful at it, as also foretold.

      A point is this is GUARANTEED to unfold to even an 8t King completion. And it is GUARANTEED the Messianic Kingdom and Kingdom of God overall WILL make also a competitive sovereign announcement that it WILL back as 8th King completion allows Armageddon to complete as finally a true global sovereign entity will be presented and stating world peace claims of it’s then fully operating world government. Until that actually occurs, Christ cannot arrive to conquer a rival 8th King who is simply now not a complete sovereignty.

      And the point is what you may mail to JWs or congregations or email anonymously or however you may do it, it may be douted and resisted as Bethel is the main example of this, BUT in time it will unfold the primary patterns as JWs go down organizationally and no Christ will arrive as expected, and in time many JWs MUST face reality or simply fail personally.
      Thus a temple judgment reality will soon be undeniable.

      The end will not arrive as JWs imagine, so in the ensuing years of Dan8:14, JWs must in time come to see something just is not right.

      A world tribulatory financial global intrigue is the feature of tribulation starting as overall context as Daniel 11:42-43 is clearly world wealth prophecy going in 8th King systems control needed to successfully fuel this final phase.

      Thus just those three events, and no “end” as JWs imagine amidst a Bethel guaranteed desolation from the 8th King planners and God’s requirement (Dan8:13) will in time become apparent to JWs something is terribly wrong.

      And indeed it is, the ministry is not approved as per “1/3” symbolic profanations and effects of Revelation 8, JWs will as per first four guaranteed trumpets of alarm, be clued in by God in those being approved for final mission, that a JUDGMENT OF GOD is what is coming on JWs,. NOT a complete approval, only symbolic “five virgins” will come into final mission of bridal completion being announced as Kingdom completion announcement to form in the GUARANTEED divine recovery as God’s spirit returns and is poured out again on the “2/3” symbolic approved to form a new clarified final ministerial deployment progressively, however God may accomplish this y Christ – their aid will be required or JWs would stay as the “log” in that Zech3:2 fire of desolations.

      From which the “smoke” of Revelation 9 “abyss” of temple judgment desolation comes from, as the judgment by that smoke symbol becomes instead world seen on JWs.

      So anyway you choose to state it, or copy information, know that in time it will come true, and JWs cannot live in denial forever, and you have the prophecy as a framework to have truth as the upper and on now misled JWs. Being DFd from an org disassociated as a whole from God, is meaningless.

      But it is good to understand God is not tossing all JW truth, the foundational cycle is valid up to second UN placement commentary valid after 1945 until a full 1990 default and GB led error has now rendered the ministry into that Revelation 8 condition of compromise. Do not let this GB and Bethel stumbling campaign make you think the whole prophecy is bunk, it is NOT, God is going to recover the ministry and clean it out upon the FOUNDATIONAL truth as JWs tracked Kingdom and 8th King developments side by side proving they will converge to Armageddon.

      Since 1990 we lost that trajectory to convergence of BOTH Messianic Kingdom and 8th King COMPLETIONS leading to Armageddon over a final cycle that will repeat known prophecy in final form as Daniel 11:42-45 merges into Daniel 12’s final fulfillment. We are not re-inventing the wheel, God is just putting it back on track to where it was already leading in 1914-1919 events until Bethel changed course and derailed the whole thing temporarily.

      We just await a judgment of God, and a recovery amidst a world scene that will indeed change towards 8th King actual world government presentation over another tribulation cycle. Stating any of that basic progression can be useful for some now, but in time events will become undeniable to JWs, so in time your words by a prophecy pattern guaranteed, will come true so even a message rejected or doubted now, will become the truth later for some who may even doubt now, but in time can use your information to know it is not the end, it is in fact the beginning of the final cycle of prophecy and 8th King completing world events.

      Just like 1914, a world tribulation and probably war will lad to an 8th King presentation, soon in final form, over a Daniel 12 timed progression to be made more and more known by even UN world news, as in time they must start to announce world government actual intent.

      Jus pray to God to “open a door” with a strategy and He will inspire through Christ what to do as your warnings now are truly more important than you may think. When Bethel goes down, they will not let up, they will try to erase the whole truth, and that is why “the destroyer” is deployed in Revelation 9, not to conquer an uncompleted 8th King, but to open an abyss and perform a guaranteed recovery of this ministry AND a guaranteed period of deployment to full lead Revelation 9, into Revelation 10-11 because God’s Word cannot fail, and it is merely REPEATING!!

      We are merely saying it all repeats. We are just updating UN meaning in Daniel 11:30-45 since 1990. We are not inventing a new faith or interpretation, it simply repeats upon the same world government principles of 1914-1919 League of Nations event following a Kingdom announcement, like that time, but now to final forms of both those opposing world governments in 8th King and Messianic Kingdom.

      Appeal to God and He will aid your ministry as it must, God willing, merge into the final one to come from this development of prophetic replication being made known over some years, certainly not an instant “end”.

      Keep studying and proving it to yourself in the basics, because a validation of what you will be saying is GUARANTEED to unfold all features in the coming repeating cycle. It already happened once, so we can know it must happen again to a completion!!

      Of course the JW org desolation will be a HUGE sign of what is to follow in earnest as that judgment completes to an actual Dan8:14 “right condition” cleansing. We too will get great affirmations this is not imaginary or made up soon. EXPECT IT, we do not need to get caught like the JW org by the “thief in the night”, he is already running Bethel, but not all JWs know this of course, and that “arrival” will be a surprise in the judgment as foretold, and as it always does sneak in on some.

      Pray, pray, pray deeply, keep building faith, it will not be late in it’s initial signal, even signaled by Bethel apostasy and lawlessness prior to activation of judgment. We have quite a mission to deploy from all this development, and we need to not let stumblers and stumbled ones lead us away from foundational Christian Kingdom related truth, AND the required exposure of the 8th King UN as prophecy of Daniel 11:30-45 leading to final UN placement as Daniel 12:11 repeats at the end of that coming cycle taking some years to get there.

      Keep preparing sister, keep getting ready, keep building faith!

      Daniel 12 Repeats to UN 4th Placement as Complete World Government 8th King

  11. Yes I will and already have for a long time now preparing and realising that Jehovah our heavenly father is opening my eyes and many like ourselves brother to flee from the organisation. Yes this man made cults and doctrines has polluted our Creator’s word. Have you noticed how so many lives were lost because of the blood issue which the watchtower now changes his point of view saying we can have fractions of blood but they are afraid to tell the truth that Genesis 9:4 was only meant to respect life in general of animal so the blood should be poured first…but nowhere it says we should not eat it. If they say we should not have it so we should not consume meat either, which will contradict genesis 9:3 as we are given permission to eat meat. A lot of people have lost their lives unnecessarily and then left the faith anyway as the individual could not take the hurt after making that decision. I have prayed about this too and made my research makes sense Jehovah is a God of life and goodness he is using the medical service to help and keep us alive why should he impose such an oppressive and unloving doctrine regarding the blood to us on earth? All he is saying was to respect the animal while alive and to kill it first, let his blood out of his flesh then eat, like The Israelites used to do when giving a perfect sacrifice to our Creator.

    Now I have found out too that the birth of Jesus was was not celebrated like the pagan is celebrating Birthdays but like a Joy for the son of God to be born even the angels in song celebrated the birth of Christ: Luke 2:10-14 the positive event was left out of the WTS consideration because it contradict their assertion that only two birthdays are mentioned in the bible and both in a negative sense.

    The birthday of John the Baptist was also celebrated and the angel who announced it said: Luke1:14 ” and you will receive joy and gladness and many will rejoice over his birth”. Job appears to define the day as a birthday in Job 11:1-3. Nothing in the bible text indicates that Job’s children did anything evil. Their celebration is not portrayed as a pagan Practice. Job does not condemn the celebration. Moreover regarding Job it is said that he was ” a man blameless and upright job1:1. So if God did not approve of observing birthdays Job obviously would not have allowed the celebration among his children. Now tell brother does that prove that WTS have mislead truth once again with their false doctrines?

    Yes I do believe as you said that prophecies are prophecies no one can dilute it or twist them not even WTS and Bethel.

  12. Hi Sister,
    Just wanted to let you know the period we are in is foretold to be confusing:

    (Daniel 11:32-35) “And those who are acting wickedly against [the] covenant, he will lead into apostasy by means of smooth words. But as regards the people who are knowing their God, they will prevail and act effectively. 33 And as regards those having insight among the people, they will impart understanding to the many. And they will certainly be made to stumble by sword and by flame, by captivity and by plundering, for [some] days. 34 But when they are made to stumble they will be helped with a little help; and many will certainly join themselves to them by means of smoothness. 35 And some of those having insight will be made to stumble, in order to do a refining work because of them and to do a cleansing and to do a whitening, until the time of [the] end; because it is yet for the time appointed.

    It is confusing because these trials of this apostasy test a person’s faith as to being in God and Christ, or simply men, regardless how they present their “smooth words”.

    We know the above development is to be fully remedied at the coming temple judgment, because as we see it provides a basis of individual judgment for god or bad or for inspiring repentance by discipline. This will be the first time probably now all JWs will actually experience a judgment and come to understand foretold transgression inspired it.

    “But when they are made to stumble they will be helped with a little help; and many will certainly join themselves to them by means of smoothness.” That “smoothness” has many JWs now who are not deeply rooted, and other internally operative who are not truly anointed, the whole anointed guidance is fully lost at Bethel.

    That “little help” will climax at temple judgment as “But as regards the people who are knowing their God, they will prevail and act effectively” as that too climaxes as God aids this process for a ministry that cannot be compromised again, for the time will be short, and prophecy of a final warning must take place in that actual final warning of Kingdom certainty to planet earth.

    The “And they will certainly be made to stumble by sword and by flame, by captivity and by plundering, for [some] days.” can also be read in spiritual internal warfare that occurs in this Bethel invasion internally by these developments marking Daniel 11:41 signal of “enter the Decoration” (as subversion) well before Daniel 11:45 4th UN placement meaning as a counterfeit of God’s Kingdom in 8th King world government.

    That is how we know the above Daniel 11:32-35 actually parallels the signal development of Daniel 11:30-31. This is because although 1990 marked the UN NGO Dan11:31b signal of Matt24:25, this Bethel operation had to be maturing in corruption after initial internal developments progressed for quite sometime prior to that, probably aimed at also covering up the 1945 UN meaning which of course was successfully explained. That means progress of “give consideration to those leaving the holy covenant” of Daniel 11:30b, also precedes the UN NGO as preparatory subtle Bethel internal compromise for possibly decades as defection and expert infiltration was in progress well before even the 1976 GB Bethel coup.

    By not commenting on the 3rd UN placement of 1990, and joining the UN, and promoting interpretational cover-up and error, we know UN development aid is the chief goal of the Bethel apostates, those purposefully undermining the ministry under sheep’s covering. And we know a subversion was successful after 1945 resulting in the 1990 UN NGO.

    So as per prophecy:

    (Daniel 11:41) He will also actually enter into the land of the Decoration, and there will be many [lands] that will be made to stumble.

    But in fact those are not “lands” as the [inserted] word to clarify the context, better is [people] being stumbled what this Bethel infiltration effect is:

    (Daniel 11:41) He will also actually enter into the land of the Decoration, and there will be many [people] that will be made to stumble.

    We clearly see that stumbling especially with the lawless Bethel backed web stumbling campaign.

    I say this so you know it will in fact get worse, but we can use that trial to direct faith to where it is supposed to go, to God and Christ, because their aid will be necessary as foretold and guaranteed to come to fix these conditions to effect a final ministry. Thus know that the Bethel objective will continue successful even into the initial Daniel 8:14 “evening” period of temple judgment desolation starting.

    They will keep misleading and operating “in the temple” until they are removed, because the subversion is successful until removed as per 2Thess2:8 and Zech3:4-5 parallels.

    Thus be aware a personal faith directed to Christ ALONE to access God ALONE as the rightful recipient of faith and worship will be necessary for even a couple to three years, apparently from the Daniel 8:14 timing in parallel to Hosea 6:1-3 meaning of “after two days”. Since Hosea is a 740 BCE proclaiming original judgment that parallels this initial judgment starting a whole world judgment cycle to climax some years later as a signal, just as Israel’s 740 BCE judgment was a warning signal to Jerusalem that fell under judgment 133 years later in 607 BCE by Babylon.

    Keep praying hard and studying the Bible in light of the JW ministry that used to be in an approved state to even explain two UN placements, and subtly, as per Daniel 8:12, was subverted to today’s proportions:

    (Daniel 8:12) And an (JW) army itself was gradually given over, together with the constant [feature] (profaned), because of transgression; and it kept throwing truth to the earth, (cover up) and it acted and had success.

    And “it” is the 8th King and Bethel “they” here resulting from that subversion:

    (Daniel 11:30-31) “And he (KN/8th King) will actually go back and hurl denunciations against the holy covenant and act effectively; and he will have to go back and will give consideration to those leaving the holy covenant. (at Bethel) 31 And there will be (infiltrators) arms that will stand up (at Bethel), proceeding from him (8th King); and they (now a team effort, a collusion of 8th King and Bethel) will actually profane the sanctuary, the fortress, and remove the constant [feature]. “And they will certainly put in place the disgusting thing that is causing desolation.


    So sister we need patience and we need to await the signal developments climaxing to Daniel 8:13 meaning of a “trampling” of the Bethel system. And we need to realize this is very serious and will require quite and upheaval. And it will be confusing to now misled JWs, so we do not want to wander back into an organizational “Jerusalem” that must be given to 8th King intrigues, controlled and aided internally at Bethel to climax in an 8th King broader set of world events as Daniel 11:42-43.

    This is because a “son of destruction” betrayer symbol related to Judas Iscariots character, is what the “man of lawlessness” is also foretold to culminate into, and thus an internally controlled Bethel worldwide organization can be used to channel many misled JWs into 8th King hands, easily covered up in the process by Bethel, because JWs have no cross communication and Bethel is the hub of communication and the source of more cover-up to come.

    And placing faith in “Jehovah’s organization” for a deliverance is also idolatrous, for God has Himself, Christ and many holy angels that are deliverers as need be, in any true world scale emergency, Bethel should be directing faith to that power of deliverance, not an earthly “organization”. Plus we know it is a compromised organization with 8th King collusion and further anti-Christian and anti-ministerial goals.

    Keep building faith, because that darkness symbolized in Daniel 8:14 “evening” at temple judgment, is already at work in JWs now by this clever operation subtly misleading the whole Kingdom and UN parallel tracking ministry for 8th King objectives, not those of God’s Kingdom.

  13. Hello dearest brother how are you?

    I have been since the age of 12 introduced to Jehovah by the witnesses so I cant deny that they have helped me and millions to come to have a close relationship with Jehovah…that shows that they have the basics of leading us to the true God. But as soon as I became a regular pionner 2 years ago that is where the attacks started which makes me realised as you said the period of Darkness in Daniel 8:14 must have started long before that as the hatred that is going on in there for oneother is worse than the hatred in this world.

    Today will be the third week since my husband and I are not attending meettings since the demonic attacks we experience for two years..the worse period of my life but the happiest too as the ministry was the most wonderful happened to me…But now I believe that light cant mix with the darkness and we were in real danger as I told you before. I am not calling my self a Jehovah’s witness anymore as that name associates with the evil experienced. But like the fleshly Israelites who just had to follow their God Jehovah from the heart and repentance I am : a servant of Jehovah. I feels like we both have been born again brother I cant explain to you how it feels. Jehovah’s holy spirit feels so pure and different upon us now…Jehovah has not changed with us though that is the most fascinated thing. All in all as I told you before I have thrown away all their books. I kept their bible but I am going to throw it away to brother as I realised that everytime I read it I end up with nightmares or feel as if those evil vibes are coming back on me.

    I was just wondering what other bibles you will recommend me to buy that has the right translation? As You said in Daniel 8:14 a period of darkness will be upon the witness I can tell this is happening as their attitude is so unloving and worse than the world yes the atmosphere is so dark..everyone is taking everyone else to the elders for petty things..if you a victim in there you must be attacked even more..that is my experience…But since I left Jehovah’s Is showing us things that we never seen before…I will never be able to have that name Jehovahs witnesses attached to my heart knowing that they have contaminated a lot of our creators ways. Jehovah is directing a lot of people to him through the witnesses as they are still getting baptised but at the same time I feel sorry for the new ones who will eventually live the faith all together when they discover that there is so much hate in there. But as you said in your blog brother this is part of the prophecies and it has to happen. I feel privilege to have get out now and have a more simple life and closer to our God and Christ Jesus.

    Now I wish I could find a bible that will be safe for me to read with Jehovah’s help. If your know of any that is good enough would you might letting me know? Thank you. May our Creator Jehovah and Jesus keeps you strong my Brother 🙂

  14. Oww I forgot to add…Don’t you think its wonderful that a few of us has been privileged to realised that something was not right and got out in time? But we still have Jehovah there even better? I find that fascinating 🙂

  15. Yes, it has been “opening” up to a few sheep here and there, What is significant is that as the temple judgment final phase nears, Bethel as UN NGO is also fully connected to prophecy, and that prophecy is connected to a final drawn out phase of final 8th King development as a reliable prophecy in final fulfillment.

    Thus it is not “the end” as well, that Bethel tries to imply to further cover their reality. It is just about to begin. Eventually it is God who will expose the GB as a “foreign bdy” developing as such from incept.

  16. I still use the old NWT, not the lukewarm, 1/3 profaned new “grey” Bible. I recall as per Rev8, in modern meaning, for final fulfillment, the Christian ministry is “1/3” profaned in a symbolic way. From 1976 is when the cell of “befouled garments” first manifested in the GB to cover up all UN developments as prophecy after 1945 UN placement two.

    So you may just try a number of Bibles, I happen to like to read other versions, yet I still like having The Divine Name where it belongs and in Yahweh or Jehovah form or YHWH is fine with me.

    Online I like this parallel Bible database:

    From there you can examine a number of translations and versions.

    But recall one would not want to get involved with church organizations who have not addressed even their 1919 League of Nations involvement, so are far more lost in more diverse ways than even today’s Bethel and JWs,

    It will all come down to God’s Kingdom or a UN world government choice in the coming years, even the national powers will end up owned and financially pawned by 8th King global wealth control (Dan11:42-43) – and that is obvious if one merely researches the US and EU national debt scenarios.

    And since IBSA and JWs did expose the first two UN placements of 1919 and 1945, that is why the 8th King allied Bethel rogues are in place, to divert again all UN awareness as key prophecy in our times. And thus that first two UN placements is the point were God must reconnect prophecy. And so we must see it is “2/3” still a valid ministry in time, and the foundational truth in JWs from the 1920s.

    Of course Matthew 24:15 tells a Christian to flee “Jerusalem” as the Bethel related judgment center once we personally “discern” that UN NGO is that Matt24:15 “disgusting thing”. So I cannot dictate conscience of oters, yet I will say the current JW “leaven” as Rev8:10-11 “wormwood” is not a thing I personally will any longer be inj contact with, for dangerous men are in power in the JW system.

    After the temple judgment God will make known where the final two UN placements must be explained from. Being like churches or modern JWs are ignoring that God will require this exposition will not be wise overall (Rev10:11); We just have to be patience were the cleansed ministry will arise, as a full confession and a full world apology and a full condemnation of the “Governing Body” and it’s very concept MUST also be present in the final ministry.

    And that sister will be a test to all JWs, because instead of the holier than thou illusion of the present, we will have to admit fully a full 40 years of Governing Body lawless and gradual diversion, and we will ave to admit it was in our own ministry, thus honesty and humility will be put to the test.

    As you know one of the reasons many JWs today ignore the “sighing and groaning”, is because they feel Bethel, the GB and elders can do no wrong, hence neither can they. Thus a humiliation is coming as the Revelation 11:3 “sackcloth” state of temple judgment as we are made aware of our sins as a whole, just as Daniel admitted his sins in relation to all Israel.

    It is nice that we can admit such error now (by not only having eyes opened, but accepting it from prophecy), and even now start to fix our own spiritual state to help other JWs now and some day, God willing, as they come out of a Bethel desolation that will not be able to be denied forever once it really hits “home”; (1Pet4:17).


    On the Bible version, I like translations and “paraphrased” versions to really get full sense to some tougher scriptures, like Job that has some rather hard to understand places – but other versions aid the process.

  17. Hello My brother,
    I will buy a new bible with the name of Yahweh as I found out that the name Jehovah was invented by a Dominican Monk Raymondus Martini in 1270. The letter ”J” does not exist in Hebrew ”Y” to make the translation from Yahweh to Jehovah. As you know like many others Brother the new world translation was written by those fake Brothers and that is the reason why I have been feeling the demons upon me and my family everytime we open it. What has helped us so far is all the Apostate website and specially that one on Utube. I pasted this for you..

    Result of search for “1942”:
    1942 havvah hav-vaw’ from 1933 (in the sense of eagerly coveting and rushing upon; by implication, of falling); desire; also ruin:–calamity, iniquity, mischief, mischievous (thing), naughtiness, naughty, noisome, perverse thing, substance, very wickedness.
    1943 hovah ho-vaw’ another form for 1942; ruin:–mischief.

    Catholic Archives for Watchtower literature: [Scroll down about 1/2 way down]

    I thank Yahweh for strengthening us through them and yourself. Every thing makes sense I will tell you more of my progress soon as its been 6 month since my husband and I realized we needed to stop calling ourselves JW and flee from Jerusalem and rely only on Christ and Yahweh for help and salvation.

  18. Thank you for the link. I just cant believe any of Jehovah’s witnesses belief as they are controlled by the demons. It is a fact that all of their doctrines are false and are man made. You said that witnesses should still be Jehovah’s witnesses? I think they should not as you and I know the truth. They should all get out and disassociate themselves like my family did. The lies about their prophecies is sick. All we need to fallow is Christ Jesus our Lord who died on the cross for all of us…I wish I could help more witnesses to see that but the truth will come out soon when the organisation will go down.

    • Your welcome. Yes that advice to “stick to the org” was in the past before it was all very clear to FLEE. I have not been able to update “stick to the org” past BAD advice, since this opened up progressively. If I could find those places of that advice, I will change the advice to reflect Christ’s Matthew 24:15 commandment. I have not been able to go in and re-read the 2012 material, so I put that “FLEE” menu item to make it as clear as possible to get out of the JW org, NOW!!!!!

      Now I strongly recommend fleeing JWs org (not God and Christ), because the org is now an engineered global death trap, just as Jerusalem became in 69-70 CE (and no wonder Christ says to flee – instantly upon discerning UN NGO significance), because now Bethel has clear 8th King aiding evidence that means a coup-de-grace attempt will be the final objective for this period of the Bethel apostasy; (Dan8:13);

      The UN NGO GUARANTEES the JW organization will be desolated. (Dan8:11-14; Dan11:30-31);

      JWs – FLEE The JW Org!! – Matthew24:15

      JW Self Fulfilling Prophecy Aids Cover Up of Final Cycle – UN 1-2-3-4 Cycle

      It was not so apparent in the beginning the extent of the Bethel apostasy as fulfilling the Matthew 24:15 “disgusting thing” signal as the UN NGO. Once someone is “discerning” this prophecy as the UN NGO, for Daniel speaks of the “disgusting thing” in a few contexts, then one is COMMANDED to flee the associated Bethel organization’s representation of the “Jerusalem” ministry formerly Christian anointed guided:

      (Matthew 24:15-16) “Therefore, when you catch sight of the disgusting thing that causes desolation, as spoken of through Daniel the prophet, standing in a holy place, (let the reader use discernment,) 16 then let those in Judea begin fleeing to the mountains.

      Bethel WAS the representation of what is the anointed temple and Kingdom ministry that was overrun through the Governing Body concept and coup in 1976. So even though Bethel is not approved or anointed guided, it will be used as the judgment target for a signal to easily be associated with a final temple judgment period later, as really anointed Christians are going under judgment first as per 1Pet4:17 in this overall Bethel apostate context requiring such a divine accounting for ENORMOUS sins against God, Christ, fellow Christians and in fact all mankind – that is how “lawless” Bethel actually is, the do a disservice to all people with their purposeful lies, sheep beating policies, and stone cold shunning ridiculous hyper-piety – all the while the UN NGO “spiritual contamination” surely ruined the whole ministry and all the congregations far worse than “smoking a cigarette” or “talking to a” whipped, beaten, and abused person excommunicated by the Bethel Popes and their congregational neo-Jesuit elders.

      We can be certain some divine heat is to come upon this Bethel abomination soon (Zech3:2), and internally the GB is actually guiding it, and planning it with their 8th King buddies.

      Bethel Apostasy 1990 – Jehovah’s Witnesses’ UN NGO and the UN Prophecy Tracking Lost and Soon Recovered

      No one can accuse Russell or Rutherford of Satanic or globalist elitist roots because no globalist will expose the UN as Revelation prophecy and Rutherford exposed the League of Nations as fulfilling Revelation 13:11-15 and Daniel 12:11 in first fulfillment. Knorr continued the exposure of the United Nations as Revelation 17:8-11 from the WW2 “abyss” of world war League of Nations impotence – which is actually a formulaic process that produces in each world war cycle, including the Cold War a furtherance of world government “image” progress. No 8th King globalist will expose themselves as Revelation or Daniel prophecy.

      That is how we know Bethel is now 8th King UN 3rd placement (1990) covering aids as also UN NGO. They also cover up the final 8th King phase requirement of prophecy and globalization progress.

      This final cycle coming up will produce the final 8th King “image” AND it’s complete WORLD GOVERNMENT and it’s final sovereign statement period of 1Thessalonians 5:1-3 world “peace and security” under 8th King “freedom from care” of Daniel 8:15 and Daniel 11:45 4th UN placement.

      Four Time World War to World Government Formula

      Worldwide Globalization Provides 8th King World Government Components

      World Recovery After World War 4 – Daniel 11:27-45 3rd and 4th Final United Nations Placements

      Thus the JW temple judgment is not a complete rejection of the JW ministry but the “1/3” symbolic profanation as Revelation 8-11 must have a final cycle of fulfillment. Thus Daniel 12:1-11 will produce another world war (already begun as the “world war” “on terror”) in heightened final phase, and into that a clarified JW actual Christian anointed will deploy a final 1260 day warning ministry – just like 1914-1918, with the same events and Kingdom announcement, but in final form as Christ will actually fully arrive at the end of the final cycle and it’s world government birthing “tribulation of those days” that also must end as per Matt24:29 . And like in 1919 and the League of Nations presented at the end of the first cycle as Revelation 13:11-15 and Daniel 12:11, the final 8th King world government will again be presented as Daniel 11:45 merging to Daniel 12:11 in actual, final fulfillment. Daniel 12 must also repeat in final form.

      The key understanding is this next world tribulation MUST resolve and end for a fourth time into 8th King world government. (Neither the church clerics or the Bethel clerics are revealing this UN 1-2-3-4 cycle truth that tribulation ALWAYS ends into a UN presentation, and this fourth cycle will be the grand finale presentation)

      Great Tribulation Phases and Meanings – 144000 Completion Prelude

      Only Jehovah’s witnesses made all this foundational 8th King information known as guaranteed prophecy up to around 1970, before the “Governing Body” went into to factional-to-full-control as the modern day apostate “evil slave” and it’s whole Bethel “man of lawlessness” complex and global network in also FINAL, modern form – and that indicates that subtly the final cycle is already starting in that lawless signal “in the temple” as these fraud anointed now shut up the Christian anointed voice and influence at Bethel, the “restraint” is fully removed, and now Bethel reveals it’s “lawless one” actuality. Of course a UN NGO is the biggest red flag Bethel is apostate.

      Soon, over the timing of Daniel 8:14 unique temple judgment and Daniel 12:7 repeating 1260 day warning (Rev11:2-3), WORLD GOVERNMENT will truly become the biggest issue on earth, for the final tribulation to resolve into that world government will bring all nations under 8th King globalist unification allegiance and control.

      The desolation of the JW worldwide organization will be the FIRST SIGNAL the actual FINAL PROPHETIC CYCLE has begun and will continue over tribulation to 8th King world peace, and eventually full Armageddon divine war sovereign confrontation. The judgment of Jehovah’s witnesses as the last vessel of truth up to 1945 2nd UN placement exposure will be a SIGNAL of the true “end of the world” of the rival sovereign 8th King system to complete as world government over that final cycle in front of everyone. Now the ominous meaning of “new world ordered” world government will transcend all religion, because now many people know that will be a catastrophic event, one way, or another. From the Bible prophecy we know the 8th King will achieve their “world peace” statement, but it will be according to a uni-polar 8th King monopolized agenda, and therein lie the true danger and why Christ arrives at that time to check them.

      Thus that sovereign required completion will allow Christ to finally arrive with an actual global rival to his throne, and there will be a divine reaction to the 8th King world government, and it will have a full fair warning over several years in the final cycle leading to that true Armageddon sovereign resolution of all universal rule, for even Satan and the demons are going down too.

      The danger with the now further lost church cleric system, is that they will be led to the 8th King world government by use of fleshly Israel, who is no longer in any “holy covenant” as the churches teach, and that will be that institutions final catastrophe. This is why it is best to flee all organized “Christianity”, because with Bethel gone down, ALL Christianity will be in a scattered state, and God’s final call will be to “his people” and “sheep” still in organized religions of every kind, and God will make a final GLOBAL call to join the Kingdom of God as God’s ONLY “organization” in Messianic Kingdom reality to come to replace all human error.

      JWs going down in judgment, and recovered for final ministry in those repenting and approved means the current Bethel system is rejected and useless, as is the JW “MOLsaic law” and it’s disfellowshipping neo-Papal inquisition and vain JW self righteous traditions to also be swept away for a far BROADER appeal to people to allow Christ to be the ONE AND ONLY intermediary between a person and God. PERIOD. Any ministerial means to that end must make this known, not for it’s own glory or value, as is the case of modern Bethel, but for the true final call that Christ is coming and he judges individually with impartiality and ONLY his perfect blood sacrifice SAVES those faithful and cooperative to going fully under his world ruling command.

      ANYONE on Earth can take advantage of that offer, and it will be made known, and because humans are limited Christ WILL complete, IN PERSON as Mighty God his own final ministry and assessment of every last man, woman and child left on planet Earth in that 8th King “bring many to ruin DURING a freedom from care” period. (Dan8:25) It is the 8th King “new world order” that will into to destroy more people than anything else, God and Christ are coming to SAVE people, then put the 8th King system out of it’s misery. For a period the 8th King will achieve world peace, and it will be according to 8th King terms, meaning the destructions of Daniel 11:44 and Daniel 8:25 take place in that world “peace and security” period as final one-sided 8t King preparations for his own “new world order”, the complete globalized changing of “times and law” in Daniel 7:25-26.

  19. I know what you are saying but I thought about it and realised that God has never really had an organisation and will never have one. The only people that he calls my people are Israel and Jerusalem that has been under attack time and time again in human history. So the only concern that we need to have is to watch Israel on the news and Jerusalem closely as they are God true nation and have been used at the moment to bring about the anti- Christ the devil’s son. Now I don’t know if we are on the same page my dear brother but God is using Israel not JW…yes he is punishing Israel for disobedience but will save them too in Christ second coming. Have you heard that many muslins now are converting to Christianity? Fascinating don’t you think? as you say with Jesus coming when nation will attack Israel…. Christ our king lord and Lord will show himself before it is too late. Yes many organization on earth will go down and feel Christ wrath. I agree with you john 3:3 ..”Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God”

    So I hope my brother that you are born again in Christ our Lord Amen. As anyone who reject that he raised from the dead and is the answer to humanity….if we reject him we will burn in hell. There is a lot of people who had dreams and vision of that burning place called hell. I was choked when I disassioted myself as a JW to find out that all I have learned was just a lie. This world is a lie. No doctrines can save us except Jesus blood. Did you give your letter too to the organisation or just left my brother? Its is so encouraging to see how being born again giving us something stronger than anything the world can offer. Everlasting hope in heaven Amen

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