King North – 8th King Globalist Revealed

Is The Governing Body Correct on Daniel 11?

King of the North 8th King Globalist Continuum to Armageddon Revealed

The Key to the Truth in 1990 Diversion

1. The clarification of the actual identity of the “King North” (Daniel 11:30-45) as the globalist 8th King system (Rev17:8-18), rather than the defunct USSR, leads to a closer look at the  United Nations 3rd “placement” in 1990, rather than remaining focused on the failed USSR;

2. That globalist “King North” world event being ignored by the Governing Body actually fulfilled Daniel 11:30-31 in 1990; (Not in 1945 as the Governing Body claims) [1]

A. That is now historically and prophetically obvious, and raises some big questions as will be shown here;

2. In the continuum of this actual globalist “King North” (Daniel 11:40-45) progression is the inevitable arrival to Daniel 12’s climax period identified now as “during that time Michael will stand up”; (Daniel 12:1);

A. That leads directly to Armageddon;

B. This actual King North progression is still heading to this confrontation which the USSR cannot fulfill but merely distracts attention away from this significance;

3. The King North globalist “8th King” progression shown as still active leads in time to the guaranteed head-on collision with Michael’s parallel “stand” in universal power finale at Armageddon’s prelude;

A. Daniel 11:40-45 leads to Daniel 12:1-12;

B. That is quite significant, but is being purposely ignored by the Governing Body interpretational diversions;

C. Why?

4. This globalist King North “will be successful until the denunciation” at Armageddon completes as per the prophecy that the USSR could not fulfill;

(Daniel 11:36) “And the king will actually do according to his own will, and he will exalt himself and magnify himself above every god; and against the God of gods he will speak marvelous things. And he will certainly prove successful until [the] denunciation will have come to a finish; because the thing decided upon must be done.

5. The USSR obviously cannot fulfill that prophecy, but 8th King globalists have and will continue to fulfill the entire Daniel 11:30-45 progression to Armageddon;

A. This is why understanding the proper interpretation is very important;

B. This is why the Governing Body’s conduct in regard to this covered up truth is questionable;

C. This is why questions must be asked and resolved here;

6. This all continues to lead in a Biblical prophetic progression that began at this point in history to other highly significant Biblical events shown here;

A. This also proves why the Governing Body fulfills prophecy rather than explains it truthfully;

Daniel 11 King North Leads to Daniel 12 Prophetic Replication

1. That is obviously a very significant glitch to resolve because it means Daniel 12 is active in this final period in a prophetic replication cycle upon the 1914 patterns, but with permanent major final effects on planet earth;

A. It means this prophecy has been active since 1990 and is NOT “on hold” as the Governing Body is implying;

B. Why does the Governing Body want deceive the world and Jehovah’s Witnesses into believing this prophecy is “on hold” hanging at Daniel 11:43, when in fact it was activating Daniel 11:30-31 with their assistance?

C. Why is the Governing Body covering over 8th King world developments with no comment?

2. This now active development leads in modern fulfillment to the apex confrontation of the 8th King UN system with God’s Kingdom outlined in Daniel 12:1-12;

3. That Daniel 12 sequence will connect to the modern fulfillment 1260 days of Revelation 11:2-3 as Daniel 12:7’s 1260 days relates to this final period; (Daniel 7:25-26 events);

A. That connection is being severed and covered up by the Governing Body errors and diversions; [2]

B. Why is this so?

Daniel 12 Leads to Temple Completion Cycle

1. That logically begins a Kingdom and Temple completion cycle in Daniel 12, upon the very same minor Kingdom birth and temple foundation cycle of the 1260 days of 1914-1918 parallel to Revelation 11:2-3;

2. And that has a sequence leading to it in Daniel 8:11-14 that can be proven in the Bible;

This All Raises Some Very Big Questions

1. This development of scriptural prophetic logic paralleling big world globalist 8th King UN developments leads to a few important questions like:

A. Why is the Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses simply ignoring major prophetic events that are now obvious to everyone but them?

B. Why is the Governing Body playing dumb aiding the coverup of this easy to see truth?

C. Who is the Governing Body actually working for?

2. The Governing Body will not answer these questions, but only provides the subterfuge in the ‘Pay Attention to Daniel’s Prophecy’ book that does NOT even address Daniel 11:36b explicitly in the “successful until the denunciation will have come to a completion” detail that the USSR OBVIOUSLY cannot fulfill;

A. Why? This is an obvious glitch here… OBVIOUS to even Biblical laymen;

3. The Governing Body also continues to apply a Daniel 8:11-14 interpretation that is also invalid, and bypasses Daniel 8:23-25 altogether in the Daniel commentary of 1999 previously cited;

A. Why all the diversion, ignorance and subterfuge of these critical prophecies?

4. Check the ‘Pay Attention to Daniel’s Prophecy’ book for yourself here; the Governing Body is purposely ignoring modern prophetic reality with an old USSR and WW2 interpretation that cannot be valid for numerous reasons as well as completely bypassing critical prophetic statements completely; [3]

A. Why exactly is this diversion taking place?

These Inconsistencies Leads to Further Investigation of Daniel 11:30-31

1. That leads to a careful examination of that 3rd United Nations placement period in 1990 in relation to Daniel 11:30-31 “and [[they]] will certainly place the disgusting thing that causes desolation”;

A. And we see that is a modern 1990 globalist 8th King event related to the United Nations and the post Cold WW3 victory proclamations;

B. Thus an analysis of the USSR’s application is disqualified from all of Daniel 11;

C. That changes all of Daniel 11’s meaning;

3. The the question arises:

A. Who are “they” in “they will certainly place the disgusting thing” in Daniel 11:31b?

(Daniel 11:31) And there will be arms that will stand up, proceeding from him (King North); and they will actually profane the sanctuary, the fortress, and remove the constant [feature]. “And they will certainly put in place the disgusting thing that is causing desolation.

That UN Third Presentation Leads to The  1990 Governing Body and the United Nations Non Governmental Organization Union

1. Why did the Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses join the United Nations rather than explain all this needed update back then in 1990?

2. Why act as if the former Fred Franz interpretation, given while the USSR was operating, is valid even after the USSR failed and dissolved?

3. Whose agenda are the Governing Body observing here? Prophetic Truth or UN 8th King covered over world developments fulfilling Bible prophecy that should be known?

That Leads to a Reassessment of Daniel 11:30-31 in 1990 Fulfillment Rather Than 1945 Errors

1. Now we see the “they” in “they will certainly place the disgusting thing” is the United Nations system 8th King powers and the Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses acting together, as a team;

2. This is now painfully obvious who “they” are here, along with direct involvement with the United Nations third placement activities in 1990 fulfilling Daniel 11:30-31;

3. Obviously that sin of spiritual adultery with the UNNGO affair is a serious temple transgression development, spiritually fulfilling the “befouled garments” state of Zechariah 3:3 upon the anointed temple priesthood associated with this Governing Body sin;

A. No wonder the Governing Body ignores this self incriminating prophetic truth;

B. The  Governing Body OBVIOUSLY works for the 8th King infiltration and subversion of Jehovah’s Witnesses!! which fulfills many prophecies and the Bible does NOT lie;

C. But the Governing Body is lying and is exposed prior to temple judgment;

That UN Sinfest Leads to Temple Transgression of Daniel 8:11-14

1. And that connects the sinful Governing Body compromise, cover up and infiltration of Jehovah’s Witnesses by the “man of lawlessness” manifesting in 1990 to the temple transgression prophecy of Daniel 8:11-14;

A. That transgression has been active from approximately 1991 to the present time, as the Governing Body continues to cover all this up commencing with Milton Henschel’s crew to today’s full compromise; (Daniel 11:30; Daniel 8:12);

2. This is plainly undeniable given the flimsy credibility of the Daniel 8 and Daniel 11 interpretations by the exposed Governing Body globalist operation;

A. A high schooler could EASILY prove the Governing Body wrong by simple logical reasoning and well known world events all converging with the Governing Body “leaving the holy covenant” in plain manifested serious, willful and gross sins with the United Nations fulfilling Daniel 11:30b-31b;

Man of Lawlessness Milestone Reached

That Evidence Leads to the Modern Man of Lawlessness Revealing Live and Real-Time

1. Obviously the Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses and an organizational compromise within that global organizational system of Jehovah’s witnesses is in serious levels of major sins and prophetic cover-up fulfilling a number of prophecies concerning these “befouled garment” “workers of lawlessness”; (2Thess2:3-12; Zech3:1-3; Daniel 11:30-32; Daniel 8:11-12)

A. The sin and transgression is connected to the United Nations “disgusting thing” services as UNNGO in Daniel 11:31;

B. The infiltration is foretold in Daniel 11:30 and Daniel 8:12 as progressive over time in “gradually given over” to 8th King control;

C. The cover up is foretold at Daniel 8:12 “throwing truth to the ground” by not being truthful regarding these developments;

D. This sin development is foretold to have a timed judgment at Daniel 8:14 as the signal event of this development parallel to 2Thessalonians 2:3-4 prerequisite exposure of the Governing Body sinners by the Bible and their own actions;

2. The pinnacle blasphemy is foretold fulfilled as these frauds claim to be the sole “faithful and discreet slave” as per the “new light” of the Jehovah’s Witnesses annual meeting of 2012  as a public example of brazen lawless blasphemy; (2Thess2:3-4)

3. This is a public self-revelation of a worldwide “man of lawlessness” in UN league, “lifting himself up over everyone” as also the “evil slave” comfortably lodged in this corporate “Governing Body” which is not a biblical entity in itself although is is fulfilling prophecy in infamy;

4. The “man of lawlessness” are “IN the temple of the God”, not external opposers, but the core “leadership” and “governmental” administration of Governing Board of Directors;

5. The final prophetic temple cycle is already beginning to repeat;

Which Leads to Daniel 8:14 Temple Judgment

1. And that will have the foretold “established place” Divinely mandated desolation of the Jehovah’s Witnesses worldwide organization to the divine degree promised in that prophecy from God;

Which Leads to Temple Cleanse

1. And that leads to the judgment cleansing of Jehovah’s witnesses for that timed Daniel 8:14 period of purifications;

2. And that fulfills the truth that the judgment starts with Jehovah’s Witnesses as per 1Peter4:17 as that fulfills Zechariah 3:4-7 temple priesthood purifications as well;

3. And that parallels the “altar fire” purification events of Revelation 8:2-5 as per Isaiah 6 “altar fire” that led to Isaiah’s purification commission in this fire cleansing principle; (See Zech3:2; Mal 3:1-5 as well)

4. That eventually prepares Jehovah’s witnesses for the final world warning of God’s Kingdom Sovereign proclamation of guaranteed completion and conquest after foretold recovery; (Rev9:1-21; Eze37)

5. But this is going to be very traumatic massive events on the Jehovah’s Witnesses worldwide organization as per a continuum of prophecies that cannot be reversed that are being covered up by the Governing Body;

Which Leads to Final Seven Trumpets and Bowls

1. That is explained globally in an initial four trumpets upon Jehovah’s Witnesses as this “1/3” symbolic infiltration is removed by God;

2. That leads to the 5th Trumpet recovery of Jehovah’s Witnesses from the “abyss” of temple judgment of Revelation 9:1-4; Daniel 8:14; Zechariah 3:2;

3. That leads to the 5th and 6th Trumpet redeployment to the Revelation 10 Divine commission of the “little scroll” full understanding parallel to the commission of Zechariah 3:7 purified anointed priesthood status;

Leads to Final Two Witnesses

1. And that leads to the final Revelation 11 1260 days to complete 2520 days as “seven times” of “two witnesses” world Kingdom proclamation of guaranteed world judgment of the rival 8th King system that the Governing Body is covering for;

Leads to Armageddon

1. And that leads to the finality of 8th King development as well as Daniel 11:42-45 completely fulfilled parallel to Daniel 8:23-25;

2. And that leads to the fulfillment fully of Revelation 17:12-18 as Babylon the Great is deposed along with national sovereignty unto 8th King globalist world power;

United Nations Fourth Placement

1. And that leads to the fourth placement and final stand of the United Nations image and world government;

2. And that is Revelation 16:13-16 finale Armageddon development to apex defiance worldwide of all nations in a globalist unification “scarlet wildbeast”;

3. That is all the parallel events of Revelation 19:19-21 as Ezekiel 38 as Daniel 11:44-45 as Daniel 8:23-25 fulfills during the “freedom from care” (Daniel 8:25) of post World War 4 “peace and security”; (1Thess5:1-3)

And that is Armageddon and the 7th Bowl and Trumpet Blast;

1. God’s Kingdom destroys the rival sovereign system in one big “King of the North” sovereign symbolic container;

The Governing Body are Fraud “Man of Lawlessness”

1. THAT is the continuum the Governing Body is attempting to conceal for a premature series of hoax events to be brought upon the Jehovah’s Witnesses worldwide organization by globalist 8th King intrigue to complete what is actually happening here; [4]

2. Jehovah’s Witnesses will be misled into a hoax Great Tribulation event, that is actually  part of the divine temple judgment just beginning the final sequence, it will not be the end as Jehovah’s witnesses are being misled to imagine;

3. That is why the Governing Body is keeping Jehovah’s witnesses and the world hanging at Daniel 11:43, when that is not the valid point of development of the prophecy;

4. The actual prophetic reality is at the invasive infiltration of Daniel 11:30-35 and Daniel 11:41 awaiting the final globalist 8th King push towards WW4 and Armageddon some years after these initial temple events progress towards the actual end;

It All Makes Sense Now

1. No wonder why a temple cleanout is necessary and foretold; (1Peter4:17 is Daniel 8:11-14 is Zechariah3 is Malachi 3 is Revelation 8:2-5;) [5]


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