8th King/King North World Government as Simple as Possible

8th King/King North World Government as Simple as Possible

National Progression Prophecy Leads and Merges With Globalist Progression Prophecy

1. The national “seven headed wildbeast” progression terminates into 7th King, 7th “head” Anglo-American world power in a national sense. (Rev13:1); That 7th King Anglo-American national progression proceeds with the globalist 8th King designate who arose for the first time in 1919 (League of Nations) at the same approximate time as the 7th King became an official Anglo-American national alliance (WW1).

2. The 7th King and 8th King designate both appear at approximately the same time in 1914-1919 and both proceed in their respective final world developments and both progressions are fully prophetic.

A. While the 7th King is going into nation-state power based 7th King zenith over the intervening century since 1914, the 8th King is the United Nations “image of the wildbeast” (Rev13:11-15; Rev17:8-11) designate of final world government rulership not yet realized as complete world government also in a progressive development toward that objective of climax global sovereignty.

3. The United Nations (UN) is the “image” of world government “scarlet wildbeast” totality (rev17:8-11), not world government itself but its image, not yet the real thing, the true 8th King of Revelation 17:11-18 culmination.

4. The progressive approximately century long 7th King nation-state power rise and fall in progressive decline and eventual final cycle subservience to the 8th King “King North” globalists (Dan11:42-43) must define the globalist 8th King ascendancy into final human world government complete power. (Dan11:45; 1Thess5:1-3)

5. The 7th King deposition is in national sovereign power of the whole global nation-state system, not destruction, and it will become known globally as the 8th King ascendancy into world government will also become known.

6. While the 7th King proceeds from 1914 in world history and prophecy convergent to the zenith of Anglo-American national alliance power, the 8th King begins (1914-1919) the first of four cycles of world war-to-world-government globalist world power development.

Four UN 8th King Cycles

1. The 8th King forming system always resolves those hot and cold (Dan11:29) world war conflicts into a UN presentation in 1919, 1945 and 1990, after WW1, WW2 and Cold WW3 in the first three cycles of four total.

2. All four UN manifestations are in prophecy at:

(1.) WW1 resolved in 1919 as UN 1 at Revelation 13:11-15 (Daniel 12:11 first fulfillment),

(2.) WW2 resolved in 1945 as UN 2 at Revelation 17:8-11;

(3.) Cold WW3 resolved in 1990 as UN 3 at Daniel 11:31b, Daniel 8:23a;

(4.) Tribulation resolves in the future as UN 4 (world government) as Daniel 8:25, Daniel 11:45, Daniel 12:11 (final fulfillment);

3. Those four UN 8th King cycles are ALL in prophecy. Daniel 11:30-45 and Daniel 8:23-25 are 3rd UN (1990; Dan11:31b, Dan8:23) to 4th UN (future; Dan11:45; Dan8:25) sequences that connect those final two UN placements of the four total, to the first two UN placements of 1919, and 1945.

4. The fourth cycle of this now obvious world-war-to-world-government formula will be the one to finally produce full 8th King world government.

JW Problem: Co-Developing Apostasy and Cover-up Subversion from Bethel

1. In essence Bethel says God by prophecy does not foretell 8th King world government completion.

2. Bethel has actually been spiritually stalled well before the 1990 complete spiritual coup and UN NGO. Basically since 1945 Bethel has nothing new to say about the 8th King world developments. It is the “Governing Body” dictatorial coup that becomes the particular management device of 1976, between 1945 successful UN explanations and 1990 zero UN explanations, that has achieved this subversion “gradually”. (Dan8:12);

3. To aid this implication and to keep JWs from looking deeper Bethel sells the delusion the UN “image” is the end of the world power progression. Aiding this delusion the 7th King national world power system is the pinnacle of world power in that nation-state realm. King North is covered over with USSR national bloc fictions. The King of Fierce Countenance is covered over with WW2 era Anglo-American 7th King national power fictions.

4. Thus the Bethel subversion uses past prophetic error from periods before the 3rd UN 8th King activity of 1990, and simply continues the illusion into delusion as if that 3rd UN placement never did occur, as if it is insignificant in all aspects of it’s “New World Order” presentation.

5. Daniel 8 and 11 final 8th King details are further covered up with WW2 and Cold War national significance fictions, and all those national level distractions which are incompletions are used to divert JW awareness to the past. Since 1990 and that actually greatly significant 3rd United nations “New World Order” placement, Bethel has been using former interpretation of Daniel 8:11-25 and Daniel 11:27-45 to cover up 8th King King North activity from a period whose subsequent globalizing developments prove those former interpretations are invalid.

6. The Governing Body makes certain no prophecy is updated past 1969 understanding.

8th King Totality of Meaning Unknown to Jehovah’s Witnesses

1. Jehovah’s witnesses have no idea the globalist King North climax and finality must be the globalist 8th King. Jehovah’s witnesses have no idea King of Fierce Countenance finality must be the 8th King. As the national sovereign progression converges into 8th King global sovereignty (Rev17:11-18), so do the prophetic symbols also converge into 8th King globalist totality foretelling that final globalization “gathering” into one 8th King defiant entity. (Rev11:11-18, Rev16:13-16; Dan8:25, Dan11:45, Dan12:11)

2. Bethel conceals the 3rd UN placement significance as prophecy and even significant in relation to 8th King forming globalization that accelerated from 1990 forward changing the globalizing nature of government, finance and military that even the world’s secular researchers explain thoroughly.

3. Thus JWs cannot connect Daniel 8 and 11 to final 8th King globalizing activity since 1990. JWs do not recognize Daniel 8 and 11 are where the 3rd and 4th 8th King manifestations are foretold.

4. In the very prophetic sequence that began this UN 3rd cycle in 1990, there is the reason why JWs are not finishing the prophetic forecast to 8th King world government. The final apostasy ALSO forms in the same Daniel 8:11-14 and Daniel 11:30-35 sequences that result in the 3rd UN placements of Daniel 11:8:23a, Daniel 11:31b.

5. Both Daniel 8:11-14, 23-25 and 11:27-45 describe the overall 3rd and 4th UN 8th King progression.

Final Temple Judgment Unknown to Jehovah’s Witnesses

1. Thus Jehovah’s witnesses are unaware the apostasy will trigger a final temple judgment, and that desolation by divine requirement for the UN NGO “transgression causing desolation” (Dan8:13-14) is going to be sold to JWs with the premature “end of the world” delusion that the Daniel 11:44 overly advanced positioning and this subversion of interpretation will allow.

2. It will be tribulation, but it goes on for some years, and it, like WW1, WW2, and Cold WW3 is designed to resolve and end into 8th King world government at the end of this fourth 8th King cycle that it will be starting at that time as Daniel 11:42-43.

3. Jehovah’s witnesses are not understanding the four cycles of the world-war-to-world-government are also completing in Daniel 8 and 11 to complete the first two UN cycles that Jehovah’s witnesses did explain as prophecy and world events properly in 1919 and 1945 progressively.

4. Breaking the prophecy and significance of the 3rd UN placement is breaking the continuum of the 3rd and 4th UN placements in Daniel 8 and 11. Thus Jehovah’s witnesses are not even considering Daniel 8 and 11 as 8th King final details, and are leaving Daniel’s prophecy disconnected from that important final 8th King continuum. (Dan11:36)

5. Now as Daniel 11:42-45 fourth and final 8th King cycle to world government to start soon and terminate at Daniel 11:45 convergence into Daniel 12:11 final fulfillment activates the whole Daniel 12:7, 11 final fulfillment replication, Jehovah’s witnesses are not understanding the final 8th King cycle requirement, it’s approximated duration, and it’s world government completion significance over final years of global tribulation designed to resolve into 8th King King North full world government is what is actually to manifest next.

6. Bethel has all that reality in prophecy and coming 8th King world government culminating development since 1990 covered up with interpretive diversion and deceptions designed to make one thing look like another thing, “the end”, to Jehovah’s witnesses.


JWs do not perceive:

1. Daniel 8:11-25 and 11:27-45 are apostasy, temple judgment and the 3rd and 4th UN placement details resulting in 1990 events to climax in the fourth cycle of 8th King world government in the future.

2. King South is the nation-state global system under 7th King Anglo-American predominance from Daniel 11:27-45. King North is globalist ascendant 8th King world power finality that the 7th King national system becomes subservient to. (Daniel 11:42-43);

3. Daniel 11:42-45 must converge into Daniel 12 final fulfillment in the “during that time” of the final 8th King cycle.

4. Daniel 11:45 must merge into Daniel 12:11 final fulfillment meaning as complete 8th King final “palatial tents” and “disgusting thing” placement.

5. King North and King of Fierce Countenance are 8th King world government final development and actual culmination.

6. 8th King world government is coming as the “scarlet wildbeast” complete global entity the UN “image” pictures and is beyond the 7th King and UN “image” in scope and finality of power.

7. The 7th King nation-state system must be made subservient by and superceded by actual full 8th King global world government sovereignty over the final cycle.

8. That 8th King world government completion is what triggers Christ’s arrival and serves as the gauging global context in the “seven trumpet” and “seven plague” sequence. 8th King world government completion is prophetic, necessary and guaranteed in 8th King world government completion to allow a climax sovereign response from God upon a globally conglomerated rival world 8th kingdom. (Rev11:15-18);

9. Daniel 12:7 replications repeats the same 1260 day sequence in Revelation 11:2-3. Thus Revelation 8-11 and Revelation 16 repeat in final form.


Temple Judgment to World Government to Christ Arrival – Daniel 12, Revelation 11


Great Tribulation Phases Scriptural Cross References


Temple Judgment to Revelation Seven Trumpets to Armageddon


Final Prophetic Periods and Milestones

Full Size Posters of Above Graphics (If Unavailable in full size, see the very bottom of this post);

1. Seven National Powers Four Globalist Cycles One World Government

2. Four Globalist Cycles to One World Government



All Four United Nations Presentations are Foretold in Bible Prophecy

Daniel 12 Final Prophetic Cycle Images and Graphics


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Global Tribulation is Guaranteed, Everything Else is Unknown to Jehovah’s Witnesses

Daniel 12 Final Prophetic Cycle Images and Graphics

The Final Phase – Final Prophetic Cycle Periods and Sovereign Meanings

Final Prophetic Cycle – Signals of Commencement

All Four United Nations Presentations are Foretold in Bible Prophecy

Fire Purification: Proving the JW Temple Judgment as Daniel 8:13-14 Connection to Revelation 8

The Final Phase – Final Prophetic Cycle Periods and Sovereign Meanings

Full Size:



Temple Judgment to 8th King World Government to Christ Arrival and Messianic Kingdom Completion

Two Witnesses 2.0

The 1260 day periods of Daniel 12:7, Daniel 7:25 and Revelation 11:2-3 will repeat in the future. That 1260 day repetition is the basis of the final warning period ministry of the “two witnesses” second ministry that announces the Messianic Kingdom completion portion of God’s Kingdom overall developments since 1914.

That final 1260 days as the second Kingdom “witness” will complete the 2520 day “seven times” extension into the “last days” of final sovereign permission of human rulership over Earth. (Rev11:2-3);

The unique aspect of the Revelation 11 “two witnesses” 1260 day period is that it also has the “three and a half days” “death” state of the ministerial cessation of the final “two witnesses” period included at the expiration of the 1260 days. This allows Revelation 11 to also be extended into other 1260 day based prophecy and its parallel expiration:

(Revelation 11:7) And when they have finished their (second) witnessing (of 1260 days repeating; Rev10:11), the wild beast that ascends out of the abyss (into 8th King world government) will make war with them and conquer them and kill them. (the ministry recovered from the Bethel apostasy in the temple judgment is eventually deposed after the final 1260 days has expired.);

(Revelation 11:8-12) 8 And their corpses will be on the broad way of the great city (Babylon the Great in final fulfillment is still existent at this time; Rev16:12-19) which is in a spiritual sense called Sodom and Egypt, where their Lord was also impaled. (the “place” outside of “Jerusalem”) 9 And those of the peoples and tribes and tongues and nations will look at their corpses for three and a half days (the final symbolic period to expire before and leading to Christ’s arrival), and they do not let their corpses be laid in a tomb. 10 And those dwelling on the earth rejoice over them and enjoy themselves, and they will send gifts to one another, because these two prophets tormented those dwelling on the earth. 11 And after the three and a half days spirit of life from God entered into them (Matt24:29-31, Rev6:17 parallel), and they stood upon their feet, and great fear fell upon those beholding them. 12 And they heard a loud voice out of heaven say to them: “Come on up here.” And they went up into heaven in the cloud, and their enemies beheld them. (144000 completion of Revelation 14:1-5: The Messianic Kingdom completion enabling Christ’s final coronation in that Kingdom then completing while Babylon the Great and the 8th King are fully functional; Ps110:2);

That “three and a half days” “death” state after the 1260 days has expired in “when they have finished their witnessing” period, allows an extension into the period after the 1260 day period expire into Daniel 12:11 1290 day period. Thus the extension is also past Daniel 7:25’s 1260 day parallel into Daniel 7:26. And thus we can register the events of Revelation 11:8-12 into Daniel 12:11 timed period by this extension. We can also know the “constant feature has been removed” marking part of Daniel 12:11, is this final “two witnesses” cessation event to mark the start of that final “three and a half days” symbolic period that must expire into Christ’s arrival of Revelation 11:11-12.

The temple judgment coming up as timed at Daniel 8:13-14 is what will eventually lead to that final 1260 day recovered witnessing period. Bethel’s apostasy must be removed to allow the final explanation of prophecy. Therefore the developments to come upon Bethel as a visible claimant center of the anointed Christian ministry will be the signal it is actually the temple judgment eventual “trampling” of Daniel 8:13-14 that will be manifesting to mark the prophecy. This is why Bethel promotes a deceptive delusion that it is the “end of the world” in the coming “tribulation of those days” that must actually manifest, but not to the outcome (Matt24:29) Bethel is now lyingly promoting to use those global tribulation events to cover over the required temple desolation events as long as possible.

This is why Bethel will not explain why the “tribulation of those days” ends (Matt24:29) before Christ arrives. They are attempting to sell the “tribulation of those days” and the “great tribulation” and the “sudden destruction” of 1 Thessalonians 5:1-3 as all the same terminal “end of the world” progression. In fact all those events are different phases of the final cycle of 8th King development that will actually be manifesting as Daniel 11:42-45 as the global context of the future which final cycle is what is coming next.

Full Size Graphic


Reduced Size 2


Temple Judgment of Jehovah’s Witnesses and the 8th King Final Cycle to Christ’s Arrival

Basically the Jehovah’s witnesses ministry will go through the Daniel 8:14 2300 or 1150 day timed and phased temple judgment which will activate Revelation 8-11. In time that temple judgment will lead to the final fulfillment replication sequence of Daniel 12:7 (1260 days) and Daniel 12:11 (1290 days) as those prophecies will repeat in final fulfillment. They will repeat the first cycle of the Jehovah’s witnesses original ministry as a “second witness”. The fourth 8th King cycle of Daniel 11:42-45 as King North is what will converge into Daniel 12 final fulfillment by which time the judged apostate Bethel and Jehovah’s witnesses ministry must be recovered in whatever form God does so to carry out the second of “two witnesses” into the then active “tribulation of those days” that will resolved into world government. (Rev9-10:5-11);

Thus it is not “the end” about to activate it is a final global cycle and the prophetic cycle that has foretold it. World government must complete just prior to Christ’s arrival. The first Jehovah’s witnesses ministry of 1914-1919 first “two witnesses” has the main replicating pattern that led to the League of Nation “image” of world government which merely completes that 8th King world government objective over the final cycle.

The reason the final cycle can be “predicted” before it occurs is because both the first prophetic and global cycle are merely repeating in exact form but to completion of the sovereign entities.

These graphics layout the unique temple judgment and prophetic replication portions that will activate with the Jehovah’s witnesses temple judgment.

10. Seven National Powers Four Globalist Cycles One World Government


11. Four Globalist Cycles to One World Government


12. Temple Judgment to World Government to Christ Arrival – Daniel 12, Revelation 11


13. Temple Judgment to World Government to Christ Arrival – Daniel 12, Revelation 11


14. Temple Judgment to World Government to Christ Arrival – Daniel 12, Revelation 11 – 8th King “One Hour”


16. Great Tribulation Phases


17. Great Tribulation Phases Scriptural Cross References


1. Temple Judgment to Revelation Seven Trumpets to Armageddon – Color Version


18. Final Prophetic Periods and Milestones


19. Parallel Prophetic Periods and Milestone Events


20. JW Temple Judgment – Parallel Prophetic Periods and Milestone Events


Grayscale Versions 

1. Revelation 8-11 Overlay Upon Daniel 8:14/Daniel 12 Timed Periods

2. Temple Judgment Daniel 8:14 Parallels to Daniel 11/12 Final Kingdom Proclamation

3. Daniel 12 Temple Judgment 1914 and Future Parallels Comparison of Timed Periods

4. Prophetic Replication Parallels

5. Daniel 11:40-45 Convergence into Daniel 12 Final Fulfillment (Portrait)

6. Daniel 11:40-45 Convergence into Daniel 12 Final Fulfillment (Landscape)

7. United Nations – Four Cycles to 8th King World Government

8. Bethel Apostasy and Temple Judgment of Jehovah’s Witnesses

Daniel 12 Final Prophetic Cycle Images and Graphics

Daniel 12 Final Prophetic Cycle Images and Graphics

All Four United Nations Presentations are Foretold in Bible Prophecy


“Seven Times” Updates Coming—”Appointed Times of the Nations” Reconsidered Again, but in a New More Complete Manner


There is an update coming on the Jerusalem Destruction “seven times” historic context, that retains 607 BCE, but clarifies the events that marked that first “seven times” as 70 years. This keeps the harmony of the original Jehovah’s witnesses “seven times” truth, but removes some dating/event glitches, for a fuller proof.

I now agree Jerusalem was not destroyed in 607 BCE, and have an initial article on how 607 BCE actually applies to Babylon, and Jerusalem’s Kingline progressive to complete disruptions from that timing. This was the first article, a more complete summary is coming*, God willing:

Jerusalem Exile=Destruction? 607 BCE versus 586 BCE Dating—All’s Good! All’s Well, Couldn’t Be Better!

*The “Seven Times” Comprehensive Connection to All Sovereign Prophecy (Draft Portions)

The purpose of the “seven times” of 2520 years, and its 70 year inception, is not about “the end”, but about connecting to the Revelation 11 1914-1918 “first witness” 1260 days, and the future “second witness” 1260 days, for a “seven times” finality, as 2520 days.

So, back to Babylon based 607 BCE, in the process the Jerusalem destruction of 586 BCE spans 70 years, “seven times”, to the Temple Completion of 516 BCE, thus Zechariah (3,4; 6:9-15) ties to Revelation 11’s final “seven times” as [1260 days] X [2 Witnesses] is to equate to a future 2520 days, or “seven times” final warning and permission of “trampling”. That, of course, is to warn in the future, 1260 days prior to 8th King world government, and hence the universal trigger of the arrival of God and Christ. (Rev1:7-8)

But in the process of this research, the “seven times” is far more comprehensive than first thought in the Bethel version, which basis end date/event assumption is the main glitch, from which error other problems arise. So I did a “score card” of this “seven times” update’s benefits, versus the Bethel version which has key timing errors:

On The Ray Franz 1976-1980 Bethel Expulsion Events Real Reason and The Eventual Full Exoneration of Ray

In future articles, God willing, I will also reveal now why Ray Franz and Carl Olof Jonsson’s research was covered up, and why Ray Franz was extricated from Bethel entirely, to attempt to conceal what the full complete research actually reveals—which BOTH Ray and Carl were starting to investigate.

In the meantime, the Bethel “Jerusalem Destruction” controversy, has eclipsed the simple fact the “Gentile Times”, are as stated, to be based on globally well known GENTILE entities in first Babylon and Medo-Persia, and their 607 BCE and 537 BCE. That defines the main first “seven times” benchmark in that initial 70 years which Jerusalem’s intrigues are “trimmed to fit” within that master time template. It is after all, the “appointed times of the NATIONS“, and thus, upon the nations—the RIVAL “gentiles”—the timing is defined first.

Bethel does not recognize the first 70 years as significant, but indeed it ties in Babylon fully into Daniel 4 in comprehensive initial pattern meaning (and 70 years “seven times” timing), and from there the rest of the “seven times” 2520 year and 2520 days prophecies are fully harmonized. All that now needs to go down is apostate “gentile” run Bethel, to allow this truth to come forth in time. (They are also at their 70 year limit of “GB” progressive (since 1944), to full 40 years (1976 based) of totally ILLEGAL APOSTATE influence. [1])

It is also nice God will terminate and then fully expose the Governing Body Racket as the MAIN criminal cabal now “in the temple”, and exonerate Ray Franz of all wrong doing, as Ray Franz was on to this update, since the late 1970s, and that is one of the main reasons they axed him. (They also wanted to make sure Ray and Fred did not form a “pass the torch” team relationship, to go past Fred’s 1992 assassination, and thus update the Daniel 11 USSR error on time. Instead all errors, PLUS a UN NGO, are all maintained now helping kill the JW credibility, and bring it into rampant apostasy.) The TRUTH always comes out, and God will nail, neutralize and condemn forever the GB before the eyes of all (Dan8:13-14) and throw them in the garbage dump of world history and the eternal infamy where they belong and where they crawled and slithered in from in the first place.

But it is not literally overnight, (but “evening” close (Dan8:14)), and it isn’t going to be pretty. BUT, it is coming! (Dan11:41) Bethel’s shenanigans are about to be judged and exposed (Dan8:13-14; Zech3:1-5), and the context will be enormous and Daniel 11:41 finalizing.

Thus below is links and examples of the graphics which developed from this coming update.

Figure 1 Versions – Seven “Seven Times” Applications with Global Sovereign Convergence

Full Size






24×36 222 Dpi


Figure 2 – Detail 1 – Sovereign Convergence

Full Size:






Figure 3 – Detail 2 – Seven “Seven Times”

Full Size:






Figure 4 – Detail 3 – Seven Times Initial – Babylon/Jerusalem First 70 Years

Full Size:







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