Man of Lawlessness Prerequisite Signal for Final Temple Judgment

Man of Lawlessness Prerequisite Signal for Final Temple Judgment


Just a question. I see you re-configuring prophecy through the prism of the JW doctrine/world. You seem to have some form of timeline in mind for the prophecy. I believe you are sincere in your belief. But, if your prophecy does not unfold as you feel it should- will you make a total break with the JW organization mind set or will you just begin to remodel your beliefs like Harold Camping and others?


Man of Lawlessness and Jehovah’s Witnesses Judgment and Temple Purification

Please read this entire rationale, because there are things that will be affirmed soon; I want to show that what is developing is a signal event of temple profanations and purification that precedes the final Biblical progression of Adamic human history to the end, over a number of years over prophetic patterns that have already fulfilled once;

Firstly, Jehovah’s Witnesses do have a Biblical “property” that makes great sense; I am using almost everything we already know is true, up to the 1990 point of engineered diversion;

The USSR errors could not be commented on until after the USSR failed, and Fred Franz was not given that opportunity;

And that is where the JWs were hijacked;

But rather than let it stumble us, as this news and evidence does to millions of people, who do not understand this is a great signal of “man of lawlessness” and what it means, we see it is the “man of lawlessness” and we can then have faith that everything prophesied related to that “lawless one” is also about to activate a second time in modern human history!!!

And the GB wants people stumbling of course, BUT NOT knowing this truth, because no longer do people stumble, now we know what temple the man of lawlessness is in; He MUST be “IN the temple of the God”, not external to it, for the final temple purification and completion cycle;

We are seeing prophetic reality actually in active fulfillment that must lead to far greater events, to that Kingdom also completing on stated divine schedule, all programmed ALREADY, into the Bible map;


But obviously JWs also have some very serious problems that are developing behind the GB facade, doing most of the damage through the 2 billion person web, worldwide, while JWs have little idea of the stats and trends that prove something not good, has developed in the JW top administrations;

And that is lawlessness, and multi-million person perpetual stumbling, on valid sinful policies and partnerships, and those are blood guilt of all JWs, these are spiritual murders, backed covertly by polluting practices very cleverly undertaken by the Governing Body;

Actually so well done is this covert “attack” from within, when reverse engineering it one finds such a number of subtle amazing details, that it had to require in-depth strategic intelligence to carry this out, with this mastery of subterfuge, and such an effectiveness as to cut JW numbers in half, or into 1/3 of what JWs could have been, had no sins of this magnitude, and no killers of this expertise and demonic guidance been at Bethel for years of preparations;

All that in 20 years of manifested climax effects; 10 years peaking on the web stumbling front; And we JWs are none the wiser in general;

These guys are NOT dodo birds, like they make out to stumble even more in the world, these guys are EXPERTS at subversion and covert tactics and techniques of multiple layers of progressive control; (Dan8:12; Dan11:30) from corporate to individual, while carrying on a ministry that appears to the causal observer and even attentive JW inside the org, to be busy and productive;

But it is busy and productive on another front as well; Sin and MURDER in the spiritual sense is also at work 24/7/365; “sons of destruction”; (2Thess2:3-4) And that is going to have an apex development IN the JW organization in time;

This cannot just go on forever like this, and they know that;

But this will all reinforce prophecy, tell Jehovah’s witnesses what is really going on, and reiterate the message of Sovereign certainty of God’s Kingdom powers to be;

The core message is STILL is a Kingdom from beyond the celestial universe, has MADE A PUBLIC CLAIM to planet Earth; That is what 1914 is all about; The human lease has expired, time for eviction, and in that process salvation for those surrendering now to this power;

And for non-destructive final objectives; And to exterminate a human progression on planet earth that is easily shown to be a slow death for the planet; (Rev15:11-18);

And upon timed prophecy before, during and after – not at all is God a “mystery” at Rev1:1; He is plainly spelling out what is really going on, and for the reason it is up to each human to decide for themselves, God takes no prisoners like that, nor does He force obedience as his rivals do;

And being a fair Kingdom and a very very powerful group, these guys are giving a FULL AND FAIR WARNING to the planetary leaders of planet Earth, from the top down, to an acceptable degree, that can actually be completed by the power system itself upon arrival and after for a timed period of “Court” (Dan7:26 for Dan12:11 timing approximate), so the JW ministry is not the only witness the world will get in the end, and innocent lives are to be evaluated according to divine criteria for salvationary goals, not destructive if that can be avoided;

Meaning only evil and mean predatory people are to be tagged for termination; (Hence the “mark” of the wildbeast, which is basically a symbolism of a predatory system, that produces predatory humans, of all orders of predatory types, as much as possible; BUT, it is not systemic, and there is a way out of the termination; (Christ’s sacrifice, 1, repentance, 2;) (God can obviously use that sacrifice even on some not in full knowledge of what is going on,. as per Matt24:31-46 for those judged to salvation)

That is all biblical, but being covered up as well, for a fossil view that began in 1976, in order to retard JWs slowly, so that today, 1990 is has been repeating 1970 for 20 years, and JWs are repeating 1990 twenty more;

This is because God will not open actual “new light” to a lawless bunch of rogues in the “board of directors” who are NOT what they claim to be; And they have done this progressively for years, to the 100% coup that developed by 2000, to today’s all fake GB actors;

That is why JWs get no “new light” that is actually new light, lawless sin, from central command, has God only backing new sheep intake for salvation purposes, setting up the GB for extermination of power, and setting up the final leg of prophecy over years to explain all this when this blackhole GB obstacle is removed from a spiritual authority not ever found in the Bible accept in the 12 apostles, NOT some mythical “board of governors”;

THAT was allowed by God, to give the “man of lawlessness” an inch, so he would take a mile, and they will hang themselves soon, as all “son of destruction” does this self-revelation and ruination, and the GB is no different; That is why they are patterned on Judas, not on Christ truth;


The foundational truth is biblical, that is the 1914-1918 pattern that is pretty easy to demonstrate the Bible students rationale;

The JW organization of today is a leadership that also is prophetic;

Unfortunately, and fortunately, it is BAD prophecy that they are fulfilling;

What is unfortunate is that it will have very serious effects on the WTBTS and JW org and reputation;

What is fortunate, is that when it hits, it will be UNDENIABLE, we will not be discussing past prophecy, we will be discussing a series of fulfillments in LIVE and Real-Time activation:

1. Man of Lawlessness will be fully revealed and eventually purged; With no question the GB was a part “”CIA”” and globalist intel operations externally engineered to oppose news of God’s final Kingdom proclamation prior to completion and conquest – and to attempt to stop the final warning period of Rev10-11; (2Thess2:3-4 is fulfilling as we speak, with the MOL GB as the evil in the JW system (Rev8:10-11))

2. So Temple and priesthood must be purified from these liars and effects; (1Peter4:17 is Rev8:2-5; is Dan8:14 is Zech3:4-7 is Mal3:1-5 in final fulfillment activation;)

3. And that leads to the activation of the 6 trumpets from Rev8:2-5 temple events; to their herald of judgment and meaning (Rev8:6-13);

4. That eventually recovers JWs from a very real desolation and judgment, free of GB sinners and orgwide sinners;

5. And that leads to final commission of again, the LAST, the FINAL time God and Christ are going to give the world 1260 days final warning and full notification of what is coming after that 1260 days completes; (Rev11:2-7; Rev11:15-18);

And that Rev8-11 cycle parallels the final cycle of Rev15-16 as well; And that is the end, but it takes temple judgment, 6 trumpet/bowl paralle1 earth shaking developments, 1260 days final warning, then the 7th bowl and trumpet and Kingdom completion;

And still, it is not done!

But we will see also a completed 8th King world government far beyond UN scale of operations, the end of Babylon the Great, a final world conflict, and many other events that had a minor foregleam in the 1914-1918, 1919-1922 periods, but this time to the big finale of Armageddon;

So you, me, and many others, will actually SEE this all take place over 7 to 14 years, plus/minus, after the temple purification begins;

Since it is just a prophetic fulfillment that is repeating, that can be affirmed and proven every which way but loose, it is not if it will come true, it is when;

I bet my life, we all will see this unfold because it is prophecy repeating, God is giving the world a very thorough, kind, fair, and totally complete and patient warning, and all one has to do is surrender to God Almighty’s Christ to be saved, because there will NOT be another 100 year ministry when this hits;

This is the complete transition to full 144000 Kingdom and Temple completion power under Christ, and even if the world kills them, and it will – IT ONLY MAKES THEM STRONGER!!!! (Like Christ himself)

The 8th King is damned if he does, damned if he don’t, and that is what it is about, taking planet earth (Rev19:11-21), by a full Christ Court of 144000 immortal warriors; (Dan7:25-26) ready to settle accounts with the earth predators, rivals and slave drivers, warlords, greed bankers and politicians once and for all, AFTER FULL AND COMPLETE OPPORTUNITY and warning AND EVEN PLEADING TO SURRENDER has completed; (Rev11:2-19)

That is why this will complete; The warning of God’s Kingdom to planet earth is no joke or insanity, we need to get ready to see this unfold patiently, but through massive world events EXACTLY where God said it was going and how and when, to enough degree to choose life, over death;

This is just the second and final Kingdom announcement gearing up, with plenty of formerly covered over evidence of what it means – earth is getting the new and final owner, and the world leaders are getting the final warning announcement;

The rest will sort of prove itself, starting with the JW org going into desolations, for the Dan8:14 timing, after the MOL is now revealed, and will be terminated by God as per a prophetic signal that it is starting for real; (1Pet4:17)

This is the course MOL has taken JWs to in the UN NGO that is a big signal something aint right in our JW land Bethel:

Jehovah’s Witnesses UN NGO Significance to Temple Purification Soon

So, I believe the future will convince you, and others, and give you and others the opportunity to really choose life with full assurance of what is coming next, over a number of years, NOT like a kill-switch; (Although the globalist world events that mark certain places in this progression, WILL be like kill-switch, fast and brutal events – those guys do not mess around, those guys are done; And God is telling them to their face very respectfully, they are tagged for termination at the end of the process, or they can surrender like anyone else;

JWs are being hung out to dry as the first signal that this is all real; You will see that in time; Not much time at that, so just make a note, that is all I ask anyone, just jot it down, it will come;


Jehovah’s Witnesses Temple Purification Event Timed Period


I don’t understand the application of 2Kings 16:15 to Temple purification of Daniel 8:14 timed period of 23000 evenings and mornings?


See this timed prophecy has 2300 evenings AND mornings in the count;:

(Daniel 8:13-14) And I got to hear a certain holy one speaking, and another holy one proceeded to say to the particular one who was speaking: “How long will the vision be of the constant feature and of the transgression causing desolation, to make both the holy place and the army things to trample on?” 14 So he said to me: “Until two thousand three hundred evenings and mornings; and the holy place will certainly be brought into its right condition.” (Purified condition)

Some say 2300 days is implied by “evening and morning” as a logical day;

But if both portions add to the count like this:

(2 Kings 16:15) And King Ahaz went on to command him, even Urijah the priest, saying: “Upon the great altar make the burnt offering of the morning smoke, also the grain offering of the evening… 

Then each day has two “sacrifices” or the 2300 has two units deducted for each “evening and morning”, meaning 1150, or 2300/2, days of cleansing actions minimum;

But Daniel 8:26 reaffirms a symbology:

(Daniel 8:26) “And the thing seen concerning the evening and the morning, which has been said, it is true. 

Which means the darkness of 1150 days possibility to cleansed state of “right condition” may be followed by a enlightening “morning” of possibly also 1150 days; So the whole prophecy may be 3.194 years + 3.194 years (6.38 yrs) of total judgment, to evening “abyss”, to morning “enlightenment” as Revelation 8:2-5 shows a climax of “voices and lightnings”, which are known to be from former fulfillment, explanations and enlightenment; tied into this altar fire cleanse as per Isa6 principle:

(Revelation 8:5) But right away the angel took the incense vessel, and he filled it with some of the fire of the altar and hurled it to the (JW system) earth. And thunders occurred and voices and lightnings and an earthquake. 

And that is what information empowers the trumpet heralds that follow here:

(Revelation 8:6) And the seven angels with the seven trumpets prepared to blow them.

And four of those go off, leading to the 5th and 6th abyss recovery, which implies the first four trumpets are being made known to JWs first, while in a desolated state, enlightening us all to what is really going on, as angels aid this recovery – and that may mean another period of “the morning” timed (another 1150 days), not sure, but as it unfolds, that aids the bewildered state of “the evening”, as Daniel 8:14, 26 puts the “evening” first, the darkness due to the actual situation, then the “morning” in the overall meaning of JWs being in the full darkness as to what is happening at that time, for 1150 days, then they are enlightened, and the trumpets “prepare to blow” to fully aid what those heralds mean in temple judgment, and what the “1/3” implies in Rev8:6-12, 9:13-15 (v. 15b, 1/3), for the whole JW system that is recovering, but in a completely cleansed state;

And that will of course proceed to what this all means, Rev9 to 10, 11, 1260 days some unknown period of time while this is developing;

That is why I say, for now, the 2300 evenings and mornings total timing is yet to be revealed, in my opinion, while it is happening, so I am speculating, but I feel there is a valid possible rationale to it; 

Jehovah’s Witnesses Being Set Up – How?


MOL (the man of lawlessness; 2Thess2:3-4) has been concealing the identity of the King of the North (Dan11:30-45) part in an attempt to cover it’s own infiltration in among Jehovah’s people (Jehovah’s Witnesses), we JW’s have taken lightly the serious consideration of bible prophecy having complete fulfillment. Like it’s okay to accept partial fulfillment of prophecy and only bits and pieces of it. 


Yes, the Governing Body “man of lawlessness” fulfill this clever development, subtle but steady for years:

(Daniel 8:12) [Infiltrative subtle/steady subversion and control:]

12 And an army itself was gradually given over, together with the constant [feature], because of transgression; [cover up and lies:] and it kept throwing truth to the earth, and it acted and had success.

So they use that hyper-pious, conservatively rigid stance, to hold on to the USSR interpretive inertia, as if that was all there was to say about Daniel 11:32-43, and WW2 for Daniel 11:30-31, when none of it is any of that but all 1990 3rd UN stand in a 3 out of 4 continuum, that is now unseen by JWs and the world, as we now aid globalist developments to remain secretive to biblical prophecy, and people at large, by teaching a USSR illusion that failed when the USSR failed, and that is why they could not let Fred Franz even scribble the truth on a napkin;

They are now sauve bullshitters, towing an erred party line of USSR KN fulfillment, with much momentum of the past; WHILE the GB aided also the proclamation worldwide of the UN 3rd placement to fulfill Dan11:30-31, and Dan8:11-12 in 1990-1991 progressively, so they would be self incriminating if they say anything (Dan11:30, for example, traitors MUST be present since 1990 and before);

They are DEVILS!!! Under a veneer of mock anointed, retarding it all, subverting and diverting for globalist objectives;


So, when JWs should be waiting for Daniel 11:40-41 to continue in progressive development, in progress also since 1990 (Gulf War, 1999 Global NATO, to 2001/911 GWOT), to climax as per Dan8:11-14 context events of another globalist world development, to usher in, progressively, over years, the Daniel 11:42-43 pawning of national powers, by Revelation 17:12-18 intrigues of Babylon the Great (BTG) and national sovereign transfer, in this next globalist chess move, to develop over years, JWs are here, prematurely by this current setup, INSTEAD (prematurely advanced to the wrong portion of Daniel):

(Daniel 11:44-45) “But there will be reports (Actually Rev10-11 timing, years from now) that will disturb him, out of the sunrising and out of the north, and he will certainly go forth in a great rage in order to annihilate and to devote many to destruction.

[4th UN placement and world government:]

45 And he will plant his palatial tents between [the] grand sea and the holy mountain of Decoration; and he will have to come all the way to his end, and there will be no helper for him.

And that places JWs at the final fourth placement TOO SOON!!! HOAX!!!;

That Daniel 11:44-45 progression is well after Daniel 11:42-43 in this overall development; Because Daniel 11:44 is “reports” that are partly, if not all, “little scroll” sovereign Kingdom proclamation climaxing as the 1260 days is ending YEARS after temple judgment, which is actually what is next!!!;

BUT JWs think that Daniel 11:44 is next, then GT and Armageddon; 

BUT, in fact, temple judgment is next! Due to the infiltration of Daniel 11:41; and then the progressive developments of Daniel 11:42-43 King North super-pawn of national powers is what this next world war cycle will bring about;

Daniel 11:44-45 will be at Daniel 8:25 time, AFTER even BTG is gone by the 6th bowl, years later than JWs are thinking now, being set-up to be pawned during these preliminary events by this purposeful “oversight” as well;

Daniel 11:44-45 will be YEARS from when JWs are expecting it next; That sets up the JW mindset for a fall, and a trap! JWs actually have to still go through the apex developments of Daniel 11:40-41, that lead the world through Daniel 11:42-43, that is what is to develop next in 8th King development as King North;

And that is why the “man of lawlessness” Governing Body is sticking to the failed USSR illusion, to keep JWs thinking that what will develop next will be the prelude to Armageddon by Great Tribulation, but it will not be that development;

It will be tribulatory on the Bethel organization, but it will be a temple judgment that is foretold, not Great Tribulation yet; In fact the JW organization will go down to a divine degree before Babylon the Great developments; (Rev16:12)

See what that simplification and premature advance is doing?

They are setting up JWs for an “end of the world” hoax (with a divinely permitted temple judgment that WILL provide a tribulation alright, but NOT the one JWs are expecting), that is only the globalist intrigues and prelude to the next world war, whenever that develops from where this is going, to the BTG coffers 6 bowls into that time frame, after the temple judgment, after 5 bowls and trumpets;

JWs will think they are at Armageddon (bowl 6 and 7), but this is the beginning of bowl 1, trumpet 1 after the “established place of the sanctuary” is “thrown down” to climax “due to transgression”; (Dan8:11-13)

JWs are MISSING all that prophetically REQUIRED development, so KN 8th King powers can use this illusion against JWs and pawn Bethel and as many JWs in the world system as they can for 1150 days approximately, because JWs will be “GT” and “Armageddon” mentally primed, but the desolation is actually divinely permitted Daniel 8:14, Rev8:2-5, ONLY THE BEGINNING of the last cycle NOT the end of it!!!!!

Thus this illusional mindset makes the JW organization and JWs extremely vulnerable to various attacks they will think is the end, when it is a punishment for the UN NGO affairs, and a temple judgment period that must occur to remove the “man of lawlessness”; So it will be a biggie, no doubt;

BUT IT IS A TRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!






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