1914 Patterns Repeats to Climax in the Future

Parallel Rival World Power Initial Development in 1914 Patterns Repeats to Climax in the Future

1. The cyclic replication of prophetic Kingdom patterns paralleling also competing rival world power developments and worldwide distraction events is shown in the Bible and in world history as in 1914 to be outlined here;

2. Significant Biblical patterns repeat for people’s awareness of what it means in relation to prophecy concerning God’s Kingdom sovereign completion and Armageddon finality;

3. Another significant pattern with these world power developments – one of competitive distraction – will repeat in the future as well, also based on the initial pattern of 1914 in both prophetic and world significance;

A Convergence of Significant Developments

1. There is great prophetic and world significance in the Messianic Kingdom sovereign ultimatum and world proclamation fulfilling in 1914. 1

A. This is especially significant after 1700 years of Christendom and world follies seemed to have buried the true Christian hope in hypocrisy and futility;

2. What makes it even more notable is the unique global magnitude of the concurrent world events that also manifested in 1914 distracting attention away from this “Good News of the Kingdom” at that time and after; (Matt24:6, 14) 2

3. Significant also was the apex world power national alliance in England and America which formed prior to World War 1 which ended birthing also the first form of globalist world governmental forum which arose as the League of Nations in 1919; 3,4

4. Three massive world events and God’s Kingdom proclamation all at the same time?

A. Four random massively significant developments and events synchronizing with Bible prophecy 5 foretelling the Kingdom of God in initial fulfillment manifestations all at this same time period of 1914 to the very year? 6 All just a big coincidence?

5. And there is more symphonic events that cannot be accidental in this quantity, synchronicity and magnitude of significance;

Dual Kingdom Foundations

What it means is both God and Satan brought their respective initial “Kingdom” into dual world presentation with competitive proclamations at the same time;

1. Even the initial manifestation of these super-natural born rival powers in Jesus Christ’s Messianic Kingdom and Satan’s 7th world power and embryonic 8th King “disgusting thing” “image of the wildbeast” were in competitive conflict for world attention from 1914 inception; (Rev13:1; 11-15)

Even the initiating manifestations of these opposing “World Kingdoms” were in competition from incept;

2. The synchronous timing of major Biblical Kingdom prophecy paralleling major rival world power development at this worldwide scale and continued evolution is also beyond coincidence;

The Great Distraction

Satan orchestrated the greatest world distraction of all human history in 1914 away from God’s Kingdom reality and proclamation to focus world attention on world war and human governmental solutions;

1. That these world governmental solutions manifested in apex national alliance form (7th King Anglo-America) and embryonic globalist unification form (8th King “League of Nations” “image”) within approximately 6 years time from 1914 is also astounding;

Obvious Conflict of Interest

1. These diversionary world powers with common sovereign objectives of world rulership are logically going to be viewed by God’s Kingdom King Christ Jesus as rival power systems to his Kingdom; (Psalm2)

A. And these unifying rival world powers begin making these world domination claims while the very Kingdom Sovereign warning to desist from this defiant activity is being proclaimed worldwide?

Again, all coincidence?

Long Time Coming

1. No, this culminating dispute over world sovereignty is heading for Armageddon to settle the controversy permanently; (Rev16:13-16; Joel3:9-17)

2. Furthermore prophetically that is where this is leading, that is the significance of the original divine announcement – planetary sovereignty;

3. These are diametrically opposed developments with engineered distractions to aid the unification all nations against God’s Kingdom by distraction to their doom, while diverting attention from God’s Kingdom as a reality;

The Final Distraction

1. And this exact strategy of worldly distraction by huge world developments erupting quickly will repeat with the prophetic replication of this Kingdom final warning cycle to completion in the near future upon this same pattern, but at full zenith of both power systems;


First Pattern Minor Fulfillment

1914 God’s Kingdom Birth (Messianic Kingdom)

1. Sovereign Proclamation as Appointed Times of the Nations End

2. 2520 Years of Gentile Sovereign Permission Expires as 2520 Days Begins

First Distraction Pattern

1. World War 1

2. 1914 Rival Seventh Power Anglo-American Partnership

3. 1919 Rival  “Disgusting Thing” “Image” of 8Th King Globalist World Power

As Gentile Sovereign Permission Expires Human Powers Make World Domination Apex Claims


1. World Warning Ministerial Initiation –  (1260 days)

2. World Distraction – World War 1 Leads to League of Nations World Placement 1

3. 1260 Days Peak Satanic and Wildbeast Resistance


1. World Warning Ministry Continues

2. Biblical Enlightenment Progresses


1. World Warning Ministry Continues

2. Refines 7 Trumpets and 7 Bowls Meanings

3. Little Scroll Sovereign Ultimatum Understood

4. Jehovah’s Witnesses World Ministry Continues


Initial Kingdom 1914 Events

1. God’s Kingdom Announces Messianic Birth

2. Satan Initiates Final Rival Kingdom Foundation 7th 8th Kings

3. God’s Kingdom Ministry Deploys

4. Satan Builds Massive World Distraction


Note These are Parallel Developments Commencing at the Same Time

This Pattern Will Repeat in the Near Future in All Details

Climax Final Pattern Kingdom Completion Phase

1. Temple Inspection

A. Man of Lawlessness Revealed

2. Man of Lawlessness Cover UP

A. Daniel 8:11-14 Temple Transgressions and Judgment

B. Daniel 11:30-31 MOL Transgressions with 8th King Infiltrations 1990

3. Temple Judgment Cleanse and Proclamation

A. Will Converge With Another Satanic and 8th King Distraction Phase

Satanic Distraction Phase 1

1. Temple Judgment of God permits JW org to be desolated worldwide by 8th King world coup attempt

A. Allowed to proper degree

2. Recovery results in cleansed temple

A. 7 trumpets deploy in first four to JWs

B. 7 bowls deploy parallel to world

3. Trumpet Signal Lead to Final World Ministry 1260 Days

Satanic Distraction Phase 2 – World War 4

BTG Pillage, Absorption and Destruction of Sovereignty

1260 Days Ends

World War 4 Ends

World Peace and Security

Freedom From Care

Final Gathering

Kingdom and Temple 144000

Final Sheep and Goats


(These patterns may parallel and overlay in certain progressions)

Replicating Prophetic Bridging Patterns and MOL/World Diversions

Four DT Stands

JW Infiltration and Coverup

Attack 1; Dan8:13-14; Hos1:4-7

6 Trumpets (Rev8-9); 6 Plagues (Rev16)

Attack 2; Rev11:2-7;

7th Plague (Rev16:17-18; 1Thess4:17); 7th Trumpet; (Rev11:15-19)

Armageddon; Rev19:19-21; Rev20:1-3 (Eze38-39); Dan8:25 is Dan11:45; Dan2:31-45)



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